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LED Aluminium Profiles or LED Aluminium Extrusions are perfect for mounting your LED lighting into. LED strip and profile looks neat and tidy and by installing your LED strip into a profile you can reduce the spotting effect that is a common issue with LED strips...

An aluminium profile also act as a heat sink, this helps to dissipate the heat from the LED Strips. Brighter LED Strips tend to emit more heat than lower powered strips, so it is important that the more powerful LED strips are mounted into profile for this reason. This means that you will get the best life from your LED products when installed into an aluminium profile.

If your installation needs the more powerful LED tape but you don't want to fix it into an extrusion, we have a flat "heat sink" profile that does not cover the tape but simply acts as a heat sink to help dissipate the heat away from the strip.

Flat aluminium heat sink profiles are available in 1 metre lengths and at just 1mm thick they do not affect the beam angle of light from the LED's.

The heat sink extrusion should be screwed into place or it can be fixed down with a strong clear silicone sealant. Heat sink extrusions also provide a good smooth surface on which to mount your LED tape. The heat sink profile would be an ideal product on which to mount our NeoLED LED strip which features a continuous single COB LED which emits a continuous line of light.

LED Aluminium Profiles are strong and rigid, if you are installing an LED strip onto an uneven surface, fixing it into a profile first will help to keep it in place. Many surfaces have flaky or dusty textures or they are just not suitable for sticking LED strip to. By mounting the tape into a profile you will ensure that the strip remains firmly fixed into place.

Although LED Profiles are supplied with fixing clips or hanging kits, you can also fix them into place by screwing through the back of the profile with a countersunk headed screw.

LED Profiles help to protect the LED strips from dust and dirt and they also soften the light from the LED's reducing glare. Aluminium profiles are easy to clean and will also provide protection from cleaning materials which can easily damage the LED Strips.

There is a wide range of aluminium profile available in different shapes and designs which include:

This type of profile is designed to be mounted onto a flat surface and they are used mainly to protect the LED strip and reduce the glare. Surface mounted profiles are great for projects where the profile is not going to be seen such as under cupboard lighting in kitchens and bedrooms.

Recessed Profile

This type of profile can be fitted into a slot which is normally cut into a flat surface. Recessed profiles create a flush finish so the LED's look more of a part of the surface. They can also be used under kitchen worktops where a flush profile is needed so that the cupboard doors do not catch on the profile.

Deep Profiles

The deeper the profile, the less chance of the LED's being seen through the diffuser. Seeing the individual LED's is called pixilation and for projects that require a continuous band of light, seeing the LED's is not an option. For these projects we recommend deeper profiles to reduce this effect.

Plaster In Profile

These type of profiles are mainly used in ceilings and walls as they can be mounted securely into place and plastered flush with the surface. Plaster in profiles have wings on either side of the profile ensure that it can grip the plaster ensuring that the plaster adheres to the profile.

Wide LED Profiles

Wide LED tape needs a wide profile, for example our StudioFlex Duo tape which is double width tape. Also RGBW or RGB + CCT colour changing LED Strips are wider than average so require a wider profile. IP67 and IP68 rated tapes are much thicker than IP20 uncoated tapes so need wider and deeper profiles so that the diffuser can be fitted into place.

Walk Over Profiles

Most Aluminium profiles have a thin plastic diffuser that will not take the weight of a person standing on it. A walk over profile has a thicker diffuser that can take the weight of people and even vehicles. Walk over profiles are designed to be flush mounted.

Corner Profiles

Aluminium corner profiles are perfect for installations when the light from the LED's needs to shine out at an angle. Many installations such as roof lanterns are fitted with angled profiles so that the light shines into the centre of the lantern. When mounting LED around the outside edge of a ceiling, angles profiles are ideal. We stock two widths of angle profiles that will fit most LED strips.

Bendable Profiles

Bendable profiles can be flexed up and down, these types of profiles are perfect for installing LED tape into curved surfaces such as reception desks curved cupboards. Bendable aluminium profiles can only be bent vertically, they will not bend left and right.

Our aluminium LED profiles are supplied in 1 ∓ 2 metre lengths. They can easily be cut to length as required and each length is supplied with a diffuser, end caps, mounting clips or suspension kits. One end cap has a hole for the cables from the LED tape to pass through, the other end cap is solid.

When installing LED strips into a profile, it is important to check that the back of the strip remains insulated from the profile because the profile is aluminium and it will conduct the low voltage power going through the tape this cause it to stop working.

For more installation tips and recommendations, please speak to our technical sales team either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

You will find the complete range of LED Profiles in our profile brochure or by viewing the range on our website. Our profiles are supplied in an aluminium finish and all profiles are available on a next day delivery from UK stock.

For more information on how LED Technologies can enhance your project, please contact our sales support staff on 01260 540014 during office hours or send an email. We are also available by live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.106
    Heat Sink LED Profile 1 MTR
  2. 100.666
    Mini Lip Raised LED Profile 1 MTR
  3. 100.668
    Mini Lip Raised LED Profile 2 MTR
  4. 100.647
    Mini Flat LED Profile 1 MTR
  5. 101.179
    Deep Narrow LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  6. 101.178
    Deep Narrow LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  7. 101.177
    Domed Plaster In LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  8. 101.176
    Domed Plaster In LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  9. 101.175
    Circular LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  10. 101.174
    Circular LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  11. 101.172
    Recessed Angle LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  12. 101.171
    Recessed Angle LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  13. 101.170
    Deep Recessed LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  14. 101.169
    Deep Recessed LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  15. 101.168
    Walk Over LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  16. 101.167
    Walk Over LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  17. 101.164
    Wide Shallow LED Strip Profile 2 MTR
  18. 101.163
    Wide Shallow LED Strip Profile 1 MTR
  19. 100.894
    Small Crown LED Profile 2 MTR
  20. 100.485
    Small Crown LED Profile 1 MTR
  21. 100.643
    Wide Crown LED Profile 1 MTR
  22. 100.895
    Wide Crown LED Profile 2 MTR
  23. 100.885
    Bendable LED Profile 1 MTR
  24. 100.519
    Bendable LED Profile 2 MTR
  25. 100.884
    Magnifying LED Profile 1 MTR
  26. 100.641
    Mini Recess LED Profile 1 MTR
  27. 100.900
    Recess Box LED Profile 1 MTR
  28. 101.162
    Large Corner Arc 90° LED Profile 2 MTR
  29. 101.161
    Large Corner Arc 90° LED Profile 1 MTR
  30. 100.901
    Recess Box LED Profile 2 MTR
  31. 100.890
    Small Plaster In LED Profile 1 MTR
  32. 100.891
    Small Plaster In LED Profile 2 MTR
  33. 100.892
    Large Plaster In LED Profile 1 MTR
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Benefits of Using LED Profile

Aluminium LED profiles act as an enclosure to mount and house LED Strip lighting of different shapes and sizes. A length of profile consists of an aluminium housing with a clip/slide In opal diffuser. LED strip profiles come in many shapes and sizes each suited to different types of projects.

Installing strip lighting within an LED profile has many benefits both visually and practically. These benefits include;

  • Reduced glare - A softer light is produced that isn’t as harsh on the eyes. This is preferable when installing some higher output LED Tapes.
  • Reduced spotting effect - The opal diffuser allows the light from each diode to merge into a single hue of light.
  • Protective housing - Certain strip lights can be quite fragile and easily damaged. By installing them in a sturdy LED Profile the strip is protected from external damage.
  • Heat dissipation - LED profiles acts as a heat sink and prevent higher output LED lighting from overheating.
  • Easy to clean - If installed in certain locations LED Strip can gather dust quite quickly. When installed in a profile these products can be easily maintained and cleaned. 

As a company, we keep stock of a wide range of profiles available in both 1 Metre and 2 Metre lengths. With products in stock including bendable, angled and recessed led profiles we have a product to suit each installation. 

Shop our selection of Aluminium LED Profiles today to complete your strip lighting project.


Read our bolg for a more indepth breakdown on the benefits of using LED Profiles