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Mi-Light Mi-Boxer 4-8 Zone Smart Wall Panels

Mi-Light Mi-Boxer 4-8 Zone Smart Wall Panels

Check out our range of MiBoxer LED Wall Panels. All RGB and RGBW wall panels have various programs for colour changing, such as fading or pulsing through the colours. These can be adjusted for the run speed of the program and its intensity...

We also supply wireless LED remote controllers with multiple zone control options. You can synchronise all your LED lights together or control them in separate zones. Our single-zone touch control panels are designed to control just one area of lighting.

Our Mi-Light LED Wall Panel controllers enable you to use pre-set programs such as:

  • Colour fading
  • Colour cycles
  • Colour pulsing
  • Or control manually with the colour wheel and sliders

All Mi-Light wall panels are battery operated making them completely safe to use in most locations without the need to channel out walls to run cables for power and control.

It is important that you check the datasheet of your Mi-Light LED product. This lists the compatible panel controllers for the device that you want to control.

Our range of LED touch panels are perfect for controlling the following LED smart lights:

Our LED wall panels work on the 2.4GHz RF frequency and feature "Signal Transmitting & Mode Sync". This means that each LED light will re-transmit the signal from the handset to other lights in the group.

This creates a MESH network that makes all the LED lights in the network synchronise together wirelessly. No connecting control leads are needed.

Make sure the first LED light is within 30 meters of the LED Controller. The signal from the LED controller will go from the first light to the rest of the lights within 30 meters of each other.

Note: Although a line of sight is not required between the LED controller touch panel and the lighting fixture, any walls or obstructions may reduce the signal strength.

Mi-Light also manufactures 2.4GHz low voltage receivers that can be paired to the wall panels. These LED strip controllers will control third party 12v or 24v products including flexible LED lighting such as RGB LED Strips.

Our range of touch panel controllers come in a single colour, dual colour (CCT), RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT options to mix in the white LEDs.

Please check the wall panel datasheets for compatible receivers.

All Mi-Light products purchased from LED technologies carry an exclusive five-year warranty.

For more information on how LED Technologies can help you with your LED products, please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat.

Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Wall Panel Controllers

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  1. K1
    K1 MiBoxer Rotating Switch Wall Panel Remote
  2. FUT087
    FUT087 MiBoxer Touch Dimming Remote LED Controller
  3. B1
    B1 MiBoxer Single Colour Wall Panel Controller (Battery)
  4. T1
    T1 MiBoxer Single Colour Wall Panel Controller (Mains)
  5. B2
    B2 MiBoxer 4-Zone Dual White Panel Remote (Battery)
  6. T2
    T2 MiBoxer Dual White 4-Zone Wall Panel Controller (Mains)
  7. B3
    B3 MiBoxer 4-Zone RGBW Wall Panel Controller (Battery)
  8. T3
    T3 MiBoxer RGBW 4-Zone Wall Panel Controller (Mains)
  9. B4
    B4 MiBoxer 4-Zone RGB+CCT Wall Panel Controller (Battery)
  10. T4
    T4 MiBoxer RGB+CCT 4-Zone Wall Panel Controller (Mains)
  11. B0
    B0 MiBoxer RGB+CCT Panel Remote Controller
  12. B8
    B8 MiBoxer RGB+CCT 8 Zone LED Wall Panel (Battery/PSU)
  13. DP1
    DP1 MiBoxer DALI Brightness Dimming Wall Panel
  14. DP1S
    DP1S MiBoxer DALI Dimming Touch Wall Panel DT6
  15. DP2S
    DP2S MiBoxer DALI DT8 Colour Temperature Touch Wall Panel
  16. DP3
    DP3 MiBoxer DALI RGB+CCT Dimming Wall Panel
  17. DP3S
    DP3S MiBoxer 3-in-1 DALI DT8 Touch Wall Panel
  18. X1
    X1 MiBoxer Single Colour LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  19. X4
    X4 MiBoxer RGBW DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  20. X3
    X3 MiBoxer RGB LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  21. X2
    X2 MiBoxer Colour Temperature DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  22. P3
    P3 MiBoxer 2.4GHz 3 in 1 RGB+CCT/RGBW/RGB LED Controller
  23. P2
    P2 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Dual White LED Panel Controller
  24. P1
    P1 MiBoxer 2.4GHz Single Colour LED Panel Controller
  25. S2W
    S2W MiBoxer 2.4GHz RGB+CCT LED Rainbow Remote (White)
  26. S2G
    S2G MiBoxer 2.4GHz RGB+CCT LED Rainbow Remote (Grey)
  27. S2B
    S2B MiBoxer 2.4GHz RGB+CCT LED Rainbow Remote (Black)
  28. S1W
    S1W MiBoxer 2.4GHz Dual White Sunrise Remote (White)
  29. S1G
    S1G MiBoxer 2.4GHz Dual White Sunrise Remote (Grey)
  30. S1B
    S1B MiBoxer 2.4GHz Dual White Sunrise Remote (Black)
  31. X5
    X5 MiBoxer RGB+CCT LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
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