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Mi-Light Mi-Boxer 4-8 Zone Smart Wall Panels

Mi-Light Mi-Boxer 4-8 Zone Smart Wall Panels

There are a number of Wall Panel controllers available from Mi-Light, some feature multiple zone options that will either synchronise all your lighting together or control them in separate zones, some are single zone wall panels that will control just one area of lighting. All RGB or RGBW or RGB+CCT wall panels have various colour changing programs that are selectable on the wall panel, programs such as fading or pulsing through the colours are also adjustable for run speed and intensity.

All Mi-Light wall panels are battery operated making them completely safe to use in most locations without the need to channel out walls to run cables for power and control.

It is important to check the datasheet of your Mi-Light product which lists the compatible wall panels for the device that you want to control. Wall panels that control Mi-Light luminaries work on the 2.4GHz frequency and feature “Signal Transmitting & Mode synchronisation” meaning that each luminaire will re-transmit the signal from the handset to other luminaires in the group. This effectively creates a MESH network that ensures that all the lighting fixtures in the network will synchronise together wirelessly, without any connecting control leads. The first lighting fixture must be within 30m of the controller and each subsequent lighting fixture is within 30m of the previous unit, the signal from the controller will jump from fixture to fixture indefinitely.

Note: Although line of sight is not required between the wall panel controller and the lighting fixture, any walls or obstructions between the wall panel and the first lighting fixture or between each lighting fixture may reduce the range of the signal.

Mi-Light also manufactures 2.4GHz low voltage receivers that can be paired to the wall panels. These receivers will control third party 12v or 24v products including flexible LED lighting such as LED Tape or LED Neon. Wall panels are available for single colour, dual colour (CCT), RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT options.

Please check the wall panel datasheets for compatible receivers.

All Mi-Light products purchased from LED technologies carry a five-year warranty.
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  1. T4
    T4 MiBoxer RGB+CCT 4-Zone Wall Panel (Mains Powered)
  2. T3
    T3 MiBoxer RGBW 4-Zone Wall Panel (Mains Powered)
  3. T2
    T2 MiBoxer Dual Colour (CCT) 4-Zone Wall Panel Controller (Mains Powered)
  4. T1
    T1 MiBoxer Single Colour 4-Zone Wall Panel Controller (Mains Powered)
  5. FUT087
    FUT087 MiBoxer Touch Dimming Remote Controller
  6. B8
    B8 MiBoxer RGBW+CCT 8 Zone Wall Panel Controller (battery or PSU powered)
  7. B4
    B4 MiBoxer RF RGB+CCT Four Zone Wall Panel
  8. B3
    B3 MiBoxer 4-Zone RGBW Panel Remote Controller
  9. B2
    B2 MiBoxer 4-Zone Colour Temp Adjust Panel Remote
  10. B1
    B1 MiBoxer Single Colour 4-Zone Wall Panel Controller (battery powered)
  11. B0
    B0 MiBoxer RGB+CCT Panel Remote Controller
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