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LED Floodlights are a perfect way to light up your outdoor space economically, without compromising on brightness. Traditional halogen bulbs use a lot of energy whereas LED lighting is energy efficient. They use between 80 & 90% less energy so you will make real savings on your energy bills. In addition, LED Floodlights are available in many different styles and colours including colour changing options...

LED Technologies stocks various types of waterproof LED floodlights from single colour 15w units up to 100w colour changing floodlights. These are capable of producing over 16 million colour combinations plus White Temperature adjustment (CCT) from Warm White (2700K) up to Cool White (6500K). These features enable you to have a full-colour selection plus the white of your choice to suit most applications. The perfect security light.

We stock a range of LED flood lights with different wattages including:

Our outdoor floodlights are perfect for domestic or commercial applications, for example, outdoor lighting on your office or home buildings. They can be used to light or highlight just about anything, from your garden features to your residence or commercial premises. Even used as outdoor LED security flood lights.

Our Mi-Light / Mi-Boxer range of Colour changing security floodlights can be controlled wirelessly using a handset or wall panel controller. They can be connected using a wireless DMX transmitter, from your smartphone via a free application or with voice control from your smart speaker. Note: For control from your smartphone or smart speaker you will require an additional 2.4GHz Hub.

In addition, these commercial grade floodlights feature signal transmitting integration so that multiple floodlights will all change colour together. There are a number of built-in programs in the controllers that will fade or pulse through the colours. All the floodlights can be linked together so that they all change colour as one, wirelessly with no need for connecting control cables.

Compatible Mi-Light controllers and additional lighting are sold separately. For product assistance please contact us by telephone, email or via online live chat.

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  1. 100.574
    Benchmark 15W Red LED Designer Floodlight
  2. 100.575
    Benchmark 15W Green LED Designer Floodlight
  3. 100.584
    Benchmark 15W Orange / Amber LED Designer Floodlight
  4. 100.489
    Benchmark Red LED 30W Designer Floodlight
  5. 100.621
    Benchmark Warm White LED Designer Floodlight 60W
  6. D5G100
    D5G100 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  7. D5G50
    D5G50 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Floodlight
  8. FUTC06L
    FUTC06L MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT LoRa 433MHz LED Flood Light
  9. FUTT08
    FUTT08 MiBoxer 200W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  10. FUTT07
    FUTT07 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  11. FUTT06
    FUTT06 MiBoxer 10W RGB+CCT 24V LED Floodlight
  12. FUTT05
    FUTT05 MiBoxer 10W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  13. FUTT04
    FUTT04 MiBoxer 20W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  14. FUTT03
    FUTT03 MiBoxer 30W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  15. FUTT02
    FUTT02 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Floodlight
  16. FUTC07
    FUTC07 MiBoxer 100W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Flood Light
  17. FUTC06
    FUTC06 MiBoxer 50W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Flood Light
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