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Snap-O-LED LED Light Bars are a plug and play LED strip light solution, they are the best LED strip lights for kitchens as they are ideal for under kitchen cupboard LED strip lighting.

These simple but effective products are one of the best LED lights for bedrooms. Great for projects such as LED wardrobe lights. In fact, they are perfect for any area that requires a bright natural white light. Cabinet lights and bedroom lighting are all uses for these superb plug and play units.

Snap-O-LED is better than light bulbs because the light produced is consistent and focuses the light where it is needed such as on your kitchen cabinets. If used as ceiling lighting it can be clipped into place and various shapes can be created by incorporating the "X", "T" and 90-degree corners...

The LED bars are easy to install as they simply clip together using the connection clips and link cables. Once installed simply connect to a driver or if you would like more control over the brightness of the lights you can adjust the light by linking it to one of our many lighting control systems.

The Snap-O-LED products can be remotely controlled by RF, WI-Fi, or used as part of a home automation system such as Philips Hue or Apple Home Kit.

When connected to a ZIGBEE MESH network such as Philips Hue or Samsung Smart Things, you can turn your Snap-O-LED lights into a smart LED strip light and use voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home Kit.

Routines can easily be programmed to switch on or off your light strips for when you come home or leave the house for the day.

Variety of lengths and shapes

Our Snap-O-LED modular click and connect bars are available in 9 unique shapes & sizes this includes 6 linear lengths and 3 angled connectors. Fixing clips and starter cables are sold separately.

The 90deg connection pieces allow you to change the direction of your design easily without the need for connector cables or soldering.

Our LED linear light fittings include:

We also stock “L” Shaped, “T” Shaped & “X” Shaped Light Bars that, as with the straight bars, snap together to make a shape or a corner.

Enclosed in a lightweight aluminium LED profile is a 24V LED strip light, providing zero loss of light. Finished with an opaque diffuser this is the perfect pixel-free high brightness light source for installations into small spaces.

With a Daylight White Light colour temperature of 4000K, the light emitted from the white LED strip inside Snap-O-LED light fixtures is easy on the eye. These linear LED light bars are ideal for work areas and the light does not colour items that it illuminates due to its high “Colour Rendition Index” rating of >90 (CRI Rating).

Please see the Snap-O-LED product focus datasheet for compatible control equipment.

Connecting your Light Bars

Snap-O-LEDs unique click and connect system allows you to connect up to 10 metres* in one line with only one 24v power source, this gives you the flexibility to easily amend your design in the future. The rigid connectors click firmly into place thus providing a secure, durable joint between light bars.

Each light bar or shape has a female snap connector socket at each end. You can butt-join each piece together using the Snap-O-LED Rigid Connectors that are supplied in a pack of 5 connectors. Simply line up the connector into the socket on the underside of the pieces you want to join and press until you hear the connector snap together, this effectively locks each section into place securely and creates an electrical circuit to each section.

If you need a gap between each light bar or shape then we have 1m link cables, we have a 1m starter cable that has a rigid connector at one end and wire tails at the other end that can be extended as required using 2 core cable.

A fixing kit is available that includes 5 x fixing clips and screws. Simply screw the fixing clips into place then clip the Snap-O-LED bars or connector shapes into the clips to secure the fitting.

These Snap-O-LED dimmable LED light bars can be mounted in any position at any angle. As the product is fully dimmable it can be used with a range of control options including a home automation system. Simply connect the first unit to your controller or LED driver and link all the Light Bars together as required.

Manufactured with high-quality rigid components we confidently offer a 5-year warranty with an approximate lifespan of 40,000 hours.

For more information on this innovative product, please call, email or contact our technical sales team via our live chat.

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  1. 101.122
    Snap-O-LED™ 100mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  2. 101.123
    Snap-O-LED™ 192mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  3. 101.124
    Snap-O-LED™ 285mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  4. 101.125
    Snap-O-LED™ 565mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  5. 101.126
    Snap-O-LED™ 845mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  6. 101.127
    Snap-O-LED™ 1123mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  7. 101.133
    Snap-O-LED™ L Shape Connector
  8. 101.132
    Snap-O-LED™ T Shape Connector
  9. 101.131
    Snap-O-LED™ X Shape Connector
  10. 101.129
    Snap-O-LED™ Link Cable 1mtr
  11. 101.130
    Snap-O-LED™ Starter Cable 1mtr
  12. 101.128
    Snap-O-LED™ Rigid Connectors 5pcs
  13. 101.134
    Snap-O-LED™ Fixing Clips 10pcs
  14. proset4
    Wardrobe Lighting Bundle
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