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Snap-On Light Bars

Snap-O-LED light bars are plug-and-play LED strip light fixtures that are particularly useful for commercial lighting in retail stores to brilliantly illuminate the shelves in stunning white light.

Enclosed in a lightweight aluminium LED profile is a 24V LED strip light, providing zero loss of light. Finished with an opaque diffuser this is the perfect pixel-free high brightness light source for installations in small spaces.

Our LED bar lights are easily installed by snapping the various shapes together using connection clips or link cables. They achieve a high-quality consistent and focused light perfect for an attractive lighting design.

Available in 6 linear lengths and 3 unique shapes including "X" "T" and "L", you can effortlessly install professional LED lighting in a range of places, including applications that have many corners. They will provide a continuous line of light without any spotting or breaks.

Your snap-on light bars can be programmed to have routines ao that they switch on or off at programmed times. This is perfect for commercial applications where there are regular opening and closing times.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 101.122
    Snap-O-LED™ 100mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  2. 101.123
    Snap-O-LED™ 192mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  3. 101.124
    Snap-O-LED™ 285mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  4. 101.125
    Snap-O-LED™ 565mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  5. 101.126
    Snap-O-LED™ 845mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  6. 101.127
    Snap-O-LED™ 1123mm 4000K 24v CRI90
  7. 101.133
    Snap-O-LED™ L Shape Connector
  8. 101.132
    Snap-O-LED™ T Shape Connector
  9. 101.131
    Snap-O-LED™ X Shape Connector
  10. 101.129
    Snap-O-LED™ Link Cable 1mtr
  11. 101.130
    Snap-O-LED™ Starter Cable 1mtr
  12. 101.128
    Snap-O-LED™ Rigid Connectors 5pcs
  13. 101.134
    Snap-O-LED™ Fixing Clips 10pcs
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