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NEOLINEAR™ is a durable high specification alternative to other Branded LED Neon flex products. Available in a range of whites, single colours and RGB options.

NeoLinear Architectural Lighting

NEOLINEAR™ is flexible, weatherproof & ideal for architectural installations. Widely used as display lighting in shopping centres, all our NEOLINEAR™ is non-spotting* and has an IP67 rating, making it perfect for use in outdoor installs where a consistent bright & durable light source is needed.


  1. 100.873
    NEOLINEAR Sideview Red (620-625nm) 5mtr
  2. 100.874
    NEOLINEAR Sideview Green (520-525nm) 5mtr
  3. 100.868
    NEOLINEAR Topview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr
  4. 100.869
    NEOLINEAR Topview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr
  5. 100.903
    NEOLINEAR Sideview Pink 5mtr
  6. 100.906
    NEOLINEAR Topview 2600-2900K 5mtr
  7. 100.905
    NEOLINEAR Sideview 2600-2900K 5mtr
  8. 100.908
    NEOLINEAR Sideview 2900-3200k 5mtr
  9. 100.907
    NEOLINEAR Topview 2900-3200K 5mtr
  10. 100.904
    NEOLINEAR Topview Pink 5mtr
  11. 100.902
    NEOLINEAR Sideview RGBW 4000K Colour changing 5mtr
  12. 100.870
    NEOLINEAR Sideview RGB Colour changing 5mtr
  13. 100.876
    NEOLINEAR Sideview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr
  14. 100.881
    NEOLINEAR Sideview Lemon Yellow (570-575nm) 5mtr
  15. 100.875
    NEOLINEAR Sideview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr
  16. 100.872
    NEOLINEAR Sideview 5300-6000k 5mtr
  17. 100.871
    NEOLINEAR Sideview 3700-4200k 5mtr
  18. 100.867
    NEOLINEAR Topview Green (520-525nm) 5mtr
  19. 100.866
    NEOLINEAR Topview Red (620-625nm) 5mtr
  20. 100.865
    NEOLINEAR Topview 5300-6000K 5mtr
  21. 100.864
    NEOLINEAR Topview 3700-4200K 5mtr


Pixel Free / No Spotting

With 144 Chips per metre and its robust difuser NEOLINEAR™ emits a constant line of light.

Colour Range

NEOLINEAR™ has a wide range of colours, including Whites, Single Colours & RGB Colour Changing.

10m in one line

Each 5m length has a 1m wire tail from the underside of both ends and can be daisy chined up to 10m

3 Year Warranty

We confidently offer a full three year warranty on our whole NEOLINEAR range.


NEOLINEAR™ Side View is a very versatile product and can be bent from left to right. (bendable sideways like a snake)


NEOLINEAR™ Top View can be vertically bent. (bendable round a barrel)

With easy installation features and being linkable up to 10 metres in one long line this NEOLINEAR™ by LED Technologies surely is a game changer.

120º Beam Angle


NEOLINEAR™ Extrusion

Designed specifically for the NEOLINEAR™ range available for Topview and Sideview. Attractive metal body, easy to install and sold in 1 meter lengths.

NEOLINEAR™ Accessories

As well as our extrusions we also have fitting clips, end caps and silicone sealant all available to purchase with your order allowing a complete stress-free installation.