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NEOLINEAR™ is a durable high specification alternative to other Branded LED Neon flex products. The number one choice for external & internal architectural Linear lighting.

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Enhance your lighting experience with NEOLINEAR™, a high-specification Neon LED strip product designed to improve both external and internal linear lighting. Featureing an impressive bright light, making it the ideal choice for commercial and domestic installations due to the improved flexibility and smooth even light output.

NEOLINEAR™ offers the flexibility of customising the length of your Neon strips to meet your specific requirements. With a maximum length of 10 meters, our factory can craft bespoke lengths to suit your project perfectly. Additionally, you have the freedom to specify the desired length and connection points for the connecting cables, ensuring seamless integration.

Choose from our wide selection of vibrant colours in two distinct styles. Our side-view Neon strips allow for graceful bends to the left and right while emitting light from the top. On the other hand, the top-view Neon strips provide flexibility to bend upwards and downwards.

NEOLINEAR™ is your one-stop destination for flawless installations. We offer a range of essential accessories, including end caps and Neon LED light extrusions, to ensure a clean and polished final result. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution sets us apart in the industry.

Choose Neon Flex for architectural installations

Featuring a wide range of colours & applications our NEOLINEAR™ range is a high end solution to eye catching lighting. Flexible materials allow the LED flex to be bent around tight corners and used in commercial installations.

  1. 101.994
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview RGBW Clips x5 | NEOLINEAR
  2. 101.993
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview RGBW End Caps x5 | NEOLINEAR
  3. 101.992
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview RGBW Profile 1MTR | NEOLINEAR
  4. 101.991
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview - RGBW (4000K) | NeoLinear
  5. 101.954
    Neon Flex Express RGB Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  6. 101.955
    Neon Flex Express RGB Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  7. 101.956
    Neon Flex Express RGBW (4000K) Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  8. 101.957
    Neon Flex Express RGBW (4000K) Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR

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