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NEOLINEAR™ is a durable high specification alternative to other Branded LED Neon flex products. Available in a range of whites, single colours and RGB options.

NeoLinear Architectural Lighting

NEOLINEAR™ is flexible, weatherproof & ideal for architectural installations. Widely used as display lighting in shopping centres, all our NEOLINEAR™ is non-spotting* and has an IP67 rating, making it perfect for use in outdoor installs where a consistent bright & durable light source is needed.


  1. 100.873
    Neon Flex Sideview Red (620-625nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  2. 100.874
    Neon Flex Sideview Green (520-525nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  3. 100.868
    Neon Flex Topview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  4. 100.869
    Neon Flex Topview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  5. 100.903
    Neon Flex Sideview Pink 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  6. 100.906
    Neon Flex Topview 2600-2900K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  7. 100.905
    Neon Flex Sideview 2600-2900K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  8. 100.908
    Neon Flex Sideview 2900-3200k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  9. 100.907
    Neon Flex Topview 2900-3200K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  10. 100.904
    Neon Flex Topview Pink 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  11. 100.902
    Neon Flex Sideview RGBW 4000K Colour changing 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  12. 100.870
    Neon Flex Sideview RGB Colour changing 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  13. 100.876
    Neon Flex Sideview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  14. 100.881
    Neon Flex Sideview Lemon Yellow (570-575nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  15. 100.875
    Neon Flex Sideview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  16. 100.872
    Neon Flex Sideview 5300-6000k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  17. 100.871
    Neon Flex Sideview 3700-4200k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  18. 100.867
    Neon Flex Topview Green (520-525nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  19. 100.866
    Neon Flex Topview Red (620-625nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  20. 100.865
    Neon Flex Topview 5300-6000K 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  21. 100.864
    Neon Flex Topview 3700-4200K 5MTR | NEOLINEAR


Pixel Free / No Spotting

With 144 Chips per metre and its robust difuser NEOLINEAR™ emits a constant line of light.

Colour Range

NEOLINEAR™ has a wide range of colours, including Whites, Single Colours & RGB Colour Changing.

10m in one line

Each 5m length has a 1m wire tail from the underside of both ends and can be daisy chined up to 10m

3 Year Warranty

We confidently offer a full three year warranty on our whole NEOLINEAR range.


NEOLINEAR™ Side View is a very versatile product and can be bent from left to right. (bendable sideways like a snake)


NEOLINEAR™ Top View can be vertically bent. (bendable round a barrel)

With easy installation features and being linkable up to 10 metres in one long line this NEOLINEAR™ by LED Technologies surely is a game changer.

120º Beam Angle


NEOLINEAR™ Extrusion

Designed specifically for the NEOLINEAR™ range available for Topview and Sideview. Attractive metal body, easy to install and sold in 1 meter lengths.

NEOLINEAR™ Accessories

As well as our extrusions we also have fitting clips, end caps and silicone sealant all available to purchase with your order allowing a complete stress-free installation.