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SYSRD1 MiBoxer 5W RGB+CCT 24V In Ground LED Light

Product Code: SYSRD1
  • RGB+CCT In Ground Light
  • 5W / 24V
  • Colour temperature 2700~6500K
  • Dimmable
  • Auto synchronization
  • Home automation compatibility
  • 5 Year Guarantee
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
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Product Description

This high-quality 5 Watts In Ground LED Light is capable of producing millions of colour combinations. With the addition of white LEDs, you can adjust the colour temperature from Warm White (2700K) to Cool White (6500K).

This long-life underground LED light has an impressive IP rating of IP68. This means the fixture is suitable for mounting into the ground. The LED light can also withstand dust, dirt and sand.

The LED light is designed to be mounted in the floor of your installation. With a strong, silver bezel and thick lens, they can be walked over without damaging them. It is also suitable for being a drive over light.

The In Ground garden light is supplied with a mounting sleeve that should be sunk into the ground and fixed into place. The light body is then slid into the sleeve and screwed into place allowing for easy removal for maintenance.

Using a suitable 3 core cable, up to 50 SYSRD1 lights can be linked together from a single SYST1 controller powered by a suitable 24v driver for the number of lights you want to link together.


Using LED In Ground Lights

These exterior ground light are ideal for landscape lighting in commercial and domestic markets.

The wired pathway lights are ideal for creating a beautiful bright pathway with any RGB colour you desire. Create a magical and stunning glow to give your pathway a modern look with these path lights.

They are perfect installation for outdoor driveway lights. The spotlights have a strong thick lens that protects it from heavy weight such as people walking or driving over them. Perfect for your home improvement projects to modernise and create idyllic driveways.

The spotlights can even be used for stair lighting and decking. These stair spotlights can create a sleek contemporary feeling to mundane stairs. Create a soft ambience perfect for socialising and relaxing.


Creating beautiful focal points is effortless with these spotlights. Light up interesting structures such as statues or trees in your garden to achieve stunning phenomenal lighting effects that will cast soft shadows and highlights on your garden accents.

Light up your outdoor spaces with these mains powered LED garden lights. For whatever event you require lighting for, these LED outdoor spotlights can create the perfect ambience and lighting effect. They are a perfect alternative to string lights, fairy lights, post lights or flood lights. The lights offer colour changing modes that are ideal for outdoor celebration events such as birthdays but with the ability to adjust back to White light for everyday usage.


These spot lights are ideal for commercial use too. They can be used to light up car parks in unique and stunning colours to make your business stand out.

These powered outdoor lights can be used as wall lights to brighten your building for any event, whether it is for everyday use or if it is an awareness week. Select the perfect colour mix to achieve the lighting that you desire. It is also ideal for making outdoor socialising spaces relaxing and stylish.

Controlling LED In Ground Lights

Various wireless control options are available including RF handsets and wall panels that will pair directly to the SYST1 receiver. In addition to being able to pair with the compatible Mi-Light controllers, the Host Controller / Receiver can control your SYS lighting from a smartphone application or with voice control through your smart speakers. (Additional hub required for these features).

Control this outdoor recessed ground light with various colour changing programs with adjustable speed and light modes are available to give off stunning light effects such as:

  • Colour cycles
  • Colour pulsing
  • Colour fading

Fully control over millions of colour changing LED combinations. Boasting adjustable colour temperature, colour saturation and of course, the lights can be dimmed as required. Simply press the sliders/buttons on your controller to take control.

This dimmable LED light is a perfect energy efficient addition to your outdoor lighting systems. The LED lighting fixture can be controlled from up to 50 meters away. This ground light is perfect for the following projects:

  • Deck Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Driveway Lighting
  • And many more!


Note: A line of sight is not necessary between the controller and LED light. However, walls or other obstructions can reduce the range.

To power, your LED light, a low voltage 24V DC (Direct Current) supply to each light is required. There are no control cables required for this In Ground LED light as it is controlled wirelessly through an RF controller.

Note: If more lights are required or your cable length is more than 300m, you will need an SYST2 signal amplifier and an additional 24v driver to power the extra lights.

The ground lights are supplied individually and will prove to be the perfect light source for your lighting project. Products such as the RF handset and RF Gateway are purchased separately.

SYSRD1 MiBoxer 5W RGB+CCT 24V In Ground LED Light

Quick Specs

The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.

What's in the box?

  • LED In Ground Light
  • Instruction manual
  • Fixings
Product Code: SYSRD1
Product Packed Gift box
Manufacturer Mi-Light / MiBoxer
Product Type In Ground Light
Colour RGB / CW & WW
IP Rating IP68 Weatherproof
Colour Temperature
Colour Temperature refers to the coolness or warmth of the light produced by the LED's indicated in degrees Kelvin.
2700 - 6500K
Guarantee Period
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
5 Years
Wattage 5w
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
24v DC
Connectivity RF
Size ø100mm X 74mm Height X ø89mm Built-in Fitting
Beam Angle: 30 degree
CRI Rating (greater than) CRI >80
Dimmable: Yes
Average LED life Hrs 50,000
Wireless Range Up to 30 metres
Operation Frequency 2.4GHz
Operating Temp -20~60°C
Luminous Flux: 350LM
Light Efficiency: 70LM/W
Smart Synchronisation Version 2.0
SYSRD1 - Datasheet Download

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