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LED Technologies are the official, exclusive UK and Ireland Sunricher distributor.

Established in 2008, LED Technologies are a Cheshire based company specialising in the supply of commercial-grade LED lighting products. From high-quality flexible LED lighting solutions to professional control equipment. We supply to many companies that rely on our knowledge and expertise to help them get the right products and components for their projects.

In 2016 we became the only authorised distributor of Sunricher control products for the UK and Ireland. We are very proud to be associated with Sunricher who is an established manufacturing company. They are supplying high quality, commercial-grade LED control equipment all over the world.

Sunricher are well known for their quality and diverse range of products to go with your LED Tapes and other LED lighting systems. LED Technologies are the only official UK stockist of genuine Sunricher products. We hold the largest UK stock of their main control systems. These include:
  • DMX
  • Z-Wave
  • RF & WiFi
  • 0-10v
  • The new Sunricher SR Bus Bluetooth Mesh network control system.
We confidently offer an extended 5-year warranty on all Sunricher products. We also have fully trained Sunricher technical specialists in house to advise on the products and diagnose any technical issues. This ensures that you have first-class technical support for both pre and post-sales, making sure you get the best out of your products. In addition, we have direct access to Sunricher’s own technical department for complete technical support and backup.

From our high quality supply of Sunricher control systems, we offer a range of:
  • DMX controller systems
  • 0 10V LED controller systems
  • 2.4G RF & WiFi products
  • Range of LED Drivers
  • Many more energy efficient LED control solutions are available on our website
Sunricher is an approved manufacturer of DALI products that are all DALI 2 compatible. They are a licenced ZIGBEE and Z-Wave manufacturer ensuring they are cross compatible with most other manufacturers.

Sunricher is noted for technical innovation worldwide compliances and approvals and regularly releasing new products to market. LED Technologies are a partner & distributor so we get to know about these as soon as they are available.

For more information on how LED Technologies and Sunricher can enhance your project please contact our sales support staff on 01260 540014 or email

RF & WiFi
RF (Radio Frequency) remote control is a wireless control protocol that operates over a range of 20 metres. With a quick and easy installation process, RF controls are often a first choice installing products like RGB LED strip lighting.
View RF & WiFi Products.

DMX is a digital lighting protocol that allows for ultimate control over lighting fixtures through a control desk or software. View our exciting range of DMX LED control systems.
View DMX Products.

DALI is a universal lighting protocol used to simplify lighting controls through a single DALI interface. By allocating a DALI address to a compatible DALI device the product can be programmed through the DALI control system.
View DALI Products.

0-10V dimming is an analogue lighting control protocol typically used in retail spaces, residential installations and offices. The protocol uses a DC voltage that alternates between 0-10V to control the light output of the attached product from 0-100%.
View 0-10V Products.

Zigbee is a cost effective, low power, wireless communication protocol used in smart home and lighting control. Compatible devices form a mesh network allowing data transfer between devices to the relevant place.
View ZigBee Products.

Z Wave is a wireless control protocol used in lighting control and other smart home devices. Z wave products are all compatible with one another and allow communication between products from different manufacturers.
View Z-Wave Products.

This "feature rich" Bluetooth Lighting Control system from Sunricher is an App based, Mesh Network system. This enables you to control your Low voltage or mains powered LED lighting from your iPhone or Android device.
View Bluetooth Products.

KNX is an open standard lighting and control protocol used for both domestic and commercial building automation. Our KNX products are supplied by Sunricher, Sunricher are a member of the KNX association, so all our products are KNX Certified.
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5 Year Guarantee

Exclusive 5 Year Warranty

We confidently offer a full five year warranty on our whole Sunricher range only when purchased from LED Technologies.


Knowledgeable trained staff

In house Sunricher specialists are available to guide you through the product range and offer a free design and technical support service.

Home Automation

LED Technologies are at the forefront of lighting control technology, offering a wide range of Sunricher wireless control products that will all work together to form a Home or Building Automation System. Using industry-standard protocols such as ZIGBEE, Z-Wave and the new Sunricher SR BUS Bluetooth system, these wireless control products include Wall Panels, Handsets, Receivers, Drivers and Controllers that work together enabling you to control your home from your smartphone application. These devices are also compatible with smart speakers such as; Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Home, allowing voice control abilities.

For added security, you can set up routines so that your lighting system can be set to come on at certain times, switch on or off when you arrive or leave for the day and you can even control your system from anywhere in the world through a home hub or ZIGBEE hubs.

These systems create a MESH network which means that each node in the network acts as a signal repeater that jumps the signal around your home, effectively increasing the range of each device to find the best possible connections between your hub and your receiver or controller. Our ZIGBEE and Bluetooth systems also incorporate Kinetic Wall Panels that don’t require any external power source or batteries and we have a Kinetic Wall Panel that can be incorporated into your Bluetooth system. ZIGBEE & Z-Wave systems also support Over the Air (OTA) updates so that you can be sure that your system is always up to date.

Our ZIGBEE systems are compliant with the new MATTER protocols that are currently in development by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formally the ZIGBEE Alliance), this aims to unify the best of the smart home technologies available into a single application framework making it easier for manufactures to create products that will work with a variety of systems. MATTER will also be backwards compatible with our ZIGBEE devices.

In addition to the wireless Home and Building Automation protocols detailed above, we also supply products that can be linked to existing Home Automation systems that support DMX, DALI or 0-10v protocols.

For more information on how LED Technologies and Sunricher can enhance your project please contact our sales support staff on 01260 540014 or email
Sunricher Products
  1. SRP210824100CVF
    Sunricher DMX Ultra Pro 4 Channel 24V 100w DMX Driver with RDM & Master Mode
  2. SRP230575CCF
    Sunricher DALI Professional 75W 24V Constant Current DALI DT6 Driver
  3. SR2108BM55700MA
    Sunricher DMX Ultra-Pro 5 Channel 700mA C/C DMX Decoder RDM & Master Mode
  4. SR2400PD
    Sunricher Push to DALI Controller
  5. AZ220614A
    Sunricher ZigBee 3.0 Azoula Smart Hub (Apple Home Kit Compatible)
    Sunricher ZigBee 3.0 Smart Hub
  7. SR2400PS
    Sunricher DALI Compact DALI BUS Power Supply
  8. SRDA9032APIR
    Sunricher DALI PIR & Light Sensor (Compact Design)

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