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Our selection of Sunricher LED products will give you ultimate control over all your LED Lighting installations. Including DMX, DALI, 0-10v, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more.

Sunricher Control Systems

Sunricher was established over 10 years ago in the design and manufacture of LED lighting control systems, more recently they have expanded their range to include Sunricher DMX drivers, Zigbee control, Sunricher Home Automation, DMX, Sunricher Data repeaters, LED System controllers and dedicated LED Strip Light controllers.

In 2016 LED Technologies became the official UK sunricher distributor and is the only company authorised to sell Sunricher in the UK and Ireland. We have knowledgeable trained staff and a Sunricher Specialist in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.


Product type


5 Year Warranty

We confidently offer a full five year warranty on our whole Sunricher range.

Knowledgeable trained staff

Sunricher specialist in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.

Home Automation

LED Technologies now offer a wide range of home automation integrated controls, you can now easily automate your home LED lighting. Never forget to turn a light off when you leave and never arrive home in the dark again. Using our products in conjunction with home automation hubs you can also make it seem like you’re at home even when you’re not around. Now that’s smart lighting!

We have a product to suit every situation, view the range now or call one of our LED experts for advice and technical support.

Sunricher Products

  1. SR2108AM55
    Sunricher DMX Professional 5 Channel Decoder with RDM
    Sunricher RF 1 x Zone RGB RF Wall Panel White (Battery powered)
  3. SR2836DRGB
    Sunricher RF Desktop Tri-Colour (RGB) Rotary Controller
  4. SRPCZG910524200CVF
    Sunricher ZIGBEE RGBW Four Channel Professional 24v 200w ZIGBEE Power Supply
  5. SR2108FBDIN
    Sunricher DMX Ultra-Pro DIN Mountable 4 Channel DMX Decoder with RDM
  6. SR8001B
    Sunricher IR Close-up Door Sensor (Mains voltage)
  7. SR2833TS
    Sunricher RF Single Colour Touch Control LED Remote

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