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IP68 Gel Filled Cable Connectors

IP68 Gel Filled Cable Connectors

The revolutionary mini pre-filled gel waterproof connectors. Our range of RayTech waterproof cable connectors (IP68 Rated) is the perfect solution for wiring outdoors. These pre-filled silicone gel connectors keep any connection or junction box completely watertight and are suitable for installations underwater.

These small and discreet gel filled waterproof connectors are the perfect LED Strip Light accessory. Unlike commonly used connectors, these cable connectors are perfect for wiring up LED lights in submersible water...

These RayTech gel boxes are ready to use on all projects where there will be moisture. Our range of fast-latch lever connectors fit comfortably in these gel boxes. This will create a water-tight connection for your cables.

You can also place single terminal blocks for easy installation inside these IP68 gel filled cable connectors. Waterproof junction box outdoor cable connectors will let you wire up power cables for your outdoor LED lights. This will protect the units from water ingress.

The key features of our submersible cable connector range includes:

  • IP68 & IP69K
  • UV Resistant
  • Fully submersible
  • Small, compact and robust
  • Non-toxic gel

Included in our range of waterproof connectors is our Micro 3 way splice connector (IP68 Rated). This small connector is perfect for outdoor and wet installations and easy to use. Simply insert the wire in to the connector and then push the red section down on the connector. This will then release the gel, forming a seal around the wire.

Our range of waterproof cable connectors have an IP rating of IP68. This means they are suitable for submersion underwater. The RayTech connectors can also withstand dust, dirt and sand.

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  1. 100.980
    Raytech H-ZERO Gel Connector IP68 41mm x 28mm x 19mm
  2. 100.981
    Raytech H-ONE Gel Connector IP68 45mm x 37mm x 24mm
  3. 100.982
    Raytech H2 Gel Connector IP68 53mm x 39mm x 24mm
  4. 100.983
    Raytech FD Gel Connector IP68 80mm x 36mm x 23mm
  5. 100.984
    Raytech BY Gel Connector IP68 75mm x 28mm x 19mm
  6. 100.985
    Raytech BR Gel Connector IP68 63mm x 41mm x 28mm
  7. 100.669
    Micro 3 way splice connector IP68 (100 pcs)
  8. 100.564
    Raytech BOB3-N Gel Connector IP68 105mm x 80mm x 25mm
  9. 101.181
    Raytech FYN Gel Connector IP68 110mm x 72mm x 25mm
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