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Flexi LED Rope Lighting

Flexi LED Rope Lighting

With a transparent PVC-60P UV-resistant jacket, our superb "Flexi Rope" LED Rope light product features a stunning range of LED colours, supplied on a 50m roll. Primarily designed for outdoor use the rope light can also be used for indoor projects. Flexi Rope creates a superb effect when wrapped around trees or other features to create a magical effect enhancing both your outdoor and indoor displays.

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  1. 101.971
    Flexi Rope LED Warm White (2800-3300K) 50mtr Roll
  2. 101.972
    Flexi Rope LED Cool White (6000-6500K) 50mtr Roll
  3. 101.973
    Flexi Rope LED Red 50mtr Roll
  4. 101.974
    Flexi Rope LED Blue 50mtr Roll
  5. 101.975
    Flexi Rope LED Green 50mtr Roll
  6. 101.976
    Flexi Rope LED Yellow / Amber 50mtr Roll
  7. 101.977
    Flexi Rope LED Orange 50mtr Roll
  8. 101.978
    Flexi Rope LED Aquamarine 50mtr Roll
  9. 101.979
    Flexi Rope LED Light Green 50mtr Roll
  10. 101.980
    Flexi Rope LED Pink 50mtr Roll
  11. 101.981
    Flexi Rope LED Light Violet 50mtr Roll
  12. 101.982
    Flexi Rope LED UV395NM 50mtr Roll
  13. 101.983
    Flexi Rope Starter Set
  14. 101.984
    Flexi Rope End Cap Pack 10pcs
  15. 101.985
    Flexi Rope 2-Pin Connector Pack 10pcs
  16. 101.986
    Flexi Rope Heat Shrink Pack 10pcs
  17. 101.987
    Flexi Rope Silicone Glue
  18. 101.988
    Flexi Rope 1 MTR Plastic Profile Pack 5pcs
  19. 101.989
    Flexi Rope Plastic Clip Set 10pcs
  20. 101.990
    Flexi Rope 2-Pin Starter Connector Pack 10pcs
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