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Flexi Rope 2-Pin Connector Pack 10pcs

Product Code: 101.985
  • Part of the Flexi Rope range of accessories
  • Used to join lengths of Flexi Rope together
  • Must be used with Flexi Rope Heat Shrink Pack
  • Must be used with Flexi Rope Silicone Glue
  • Supports up to 100m 2 x 50m rolls of Flexi Rope
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Product Description

The Flexi Rope Link connectors are supplied in packs of 10 x connectors that are fitted with pointed pins on both sides for the connector, unlike the starter pin connectors which have rounded pins on one side and pointed pins on the other side, the link connectors are designed to link multiple lengths of Flexi Rope together.

Note: The maximum length of the connected Flexi Rope is 100m.

Connection method:  The link connectors should only be installed with the Flexi Rope Heat Shrink Tube Pack and the Flexi Rope Silicone Glue. To make a connection, slide a length of the Flexi Rope Heat Shrink Tube over one side of the cut section of the Flexi Rope, insert the 2-pin connector into both cut ends, carefully lining up the pins with the two marks on the Flexi Rope. Push the two cut halves of the Flexi Rope together, carefully aligning the pins into the marks on the end of the Flexi Rope. Carefully apply the Flexi Rope Silicone Glue over the joint and in both directions on either side of the joint. Finally, slide the heat shrink sleeve over the joint and apply heat (using a heat gun) to the Heat Shrink sleeve until it is firmly gripping the joint. Wipe off any excess Silicone glue from either side of the heat shrink sleeve.

For further advice on this or any of our products, please contact our technical sales team by phone, email or live chat via our website. The connector pins should be inserted carefully into the two cut ends of the Flexi Rope, and then each end pushed together. 


  • TV Studios
  • Theatres
  • Bathrooms
  • Signage

What's in the box?

  • Pack of 10 x Flexi Rope 2 Pin Link Connectors
Product Code: 101.985
Product Packed Anti static Bag
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type Accessories
Conditional Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Dimmable: Yes
Operating Temp -20 to +45
Flexi LED Rope User Manual Download

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