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Our professional grade flexible lighting solution, ProFlex LED strip lights are suitable for installation in both commercial and domestic premises where bright, high quality and reliable products are essential.

ProFlex Series is a professional grade flexible lighting solution, widely used in the exhibition and display industry.

As our range of professional LED strip Lights increase we continually add new and demanded products to the range to meet our customers expectations. Proflex features 12, 24 & 36v LED strip lights suitable for installation in commercial and domestic premises.

The Proflex range is a professional grade flexible lighting solutions. These are widely popular in the exhibition and display industry.

We have an extensive range of Proflex Strip lights that will ensure you have an amazing product for your unique installation...

12v LED Strip Lights

12V LED tapes are ideal for professional displays, exhibitions and residential lighting.

Featuring branded Epistar LED chips that are high quality chips that offer excellent reliability and colour consistency. Our 12V strip lights are guaranteed to offer you bright and beautiful lighting.

These flexible LED strip lights come in both IP20 and IP67 variations. Therefore there is a suitable strip for indoor and outdoor applications. They use a durable and high quality silicone coating, that will not crack or discolour over time. Therefore, your lights will look exactly the way they are supposed to for many years.

12V strip lights are an ideal installation for applications where there is an existing 12V feed such as mobile homes. These will let you creatively light up your mobile spaces beautifully and create an interesting lighting effect.

24V LED Strip Lights

24V LED tapes are perfect for high end installations such as TV productions, films or theatre. They have a reduced likelihood of voltage dropping which is important when lighting is going to be filmed.

24V strips also come in both IP20 and IP67 variations with a durable and high quality silicone casing. 24V strips feature a long life span which makes them ideal for permanent installation.

36V LED Strip Lights

If you require a strip light that can be daisy chained longer than 5m, our 36V strip lights are ideal. These LED lights come on 10m rolls that can be connected for longer lengths up to 30m.

Long length strip lights are perfect for lighting up large scale areas. This can include the exterior of buildings, out lining the roof or indoor spaces such as stages or halls. Our long length strip can allow you to achieve the perfect ambience that'll fill a huge space.

Our Proflex 36V strip lights come in pure white options with a selection of colour temperatures. A Cool White is an ideal selection for task lighting where a clean and bright light source is required. Warm White on the other hand is a perfect selection to create a warm and comforting aesthetic. A Daylight White is a middle ground perfect for both uses.

Marine Flex (IP68)

Marine LED strip lights are the highest waterproof strip we provide. It features an incredible IP68 achieved by a double coating of our highly durable and high quality silicone.

These waterproof LED strips are the quintessential product for submerged lighting. Perfect for pool, pond and water feature lighting such as water falls or water fountains. Illuminating water, particularly moving water, creates a visually spectacular lighting effect as the light bounces off the ripples of the water.

The Marine Flex tape comes in a Cool White, Warm White and RGB variations. This will enable you to find the perfect lighting for your project.

Flexi Strip

Looking for a product to illuminate your signage? Our Flexi range of LED strips are a bendable solution to professionally cast light upon your signs.

The bendable LED strips can be bent more freely compared to standard LED strips. This ensures that it can be bent to the curves of complicated shapes. They are particularly useful for channel lettering. This can be installed on the side or the back of the lettering to achieve a beautiful and contemporary glow.

All of the Flexi range is IP67 rated ensuring that it is suitable for outdoor installations.

Flexi strips are available in a Warm White, Red, Green, Blue and Orange options. You can illuminate your space in a unique and interesting colour that reflects the nature of your establishment.


Sidewinder is another perfect solution for sign lighting. Sidwinder bendable strip lights can be bent at 90 degree angles due to the innovative design. It can be bent up and down as well as left and right ensuring that it is useful in many situations.

It is particularly useful for installations where there are a lot of corners. With regular LED light strips, it would have to cut and soldered to fit perfectly into corners. This requires expertise and time to install. However, the Sidewinder series can simply be fitted and installed quickly and easily.

Sidewinder comes in a huge variety of choices. This includes single colour white LED strips in varying colour temperatures. Single colours such as Red, Green and Blue as well as RGB colour changing options.


Our ModelFlex range features a impressive 5mm wide and 2.2 mm height strip that makes this perfect for lighting up models. The strip can easily be concealed while still emitting a bright and beautiful light that will illuminate the model makers craftmanship.

The small size further makes this ideal for museums and art galleries for lighting up descriptions or the pieces themselves. They can be fitted into small areas as well as emitting low UV radiation perfect for spaces that are UV sensitive.

This also comes in an array of choices including Single colour in bright bold colours and a variety of white temperatures. There is also a RGB colour changing option available.

When installing your dimmable LED lighting, you will need to chose an appropriate LED driver to provide a power supply to your lights.

Read our case study on selecting an appropriate driver for your LED product.

If you are looking to control your lighting, we offer a huge range of options from our Sunricher control gear.

Proflex offers many strips that will meet your demands. Create stunning lighting features with the best product for your personalised installation that will deliver on style and reliability.

ProFlex Features

Colour Range

Proflex has our widest colour range, including Whites, Single Colours & RGB Colour Changing.

High Quality PCB

Our LED Strip lights are built using tyhe highest grade materials to ensure brightness & durability.

High LED's per Metre

Profles Strip lights feature high LEDs per metre, this helps reduce spotting and improves brightness.

Proflex Ranges