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Flexible LED Signage Strip - Flexi Series

Flexible LED Signage Strip - Flexi Series

We offer a range of single colour LED bendable strip lights from our Flexi LED strip range.

Our bendable LED light strips are perfect for lighting up complicated shapes such as channel lettering or curves. The flexible light strips can be bent up and down like standard strips but can also be bent left and right. They offer greater flexibility that allows you to follow the shape of the surface you're trying to light.

Our bendable LED strips are waterproof with a IP rating of IP67. Read more about Ingress protection ratings using our case study. The high quality coating ensures that they are perfect for outdoor installations especially for outdoor sign lighting...

With 96 LED's per metre, these flexible lights offer a powerful light with an impressive 500 lumens per metre.

Our flexible LED strip lights feature a range of single colour variations. There is a white strip that features a colour temperature of 3000k-3500k. This is a beautiful Warm White that will achieve a warm inviting glow.

We also offer bold colours including Red, Green, Blue and Orange. You can achieve a unique and beautiful washes of colour.

Flexible LED strip lights are perfect a huge range of spaces including your home or commercial spaces.

These are perfect for sleek and professional lighting in your home. The beautiful Warm White is a great colour for creating a relaxing and comforting source of light for your space. You can create a relaxing atmosphere so that you can unwind.

The bold colours are wonderful lighting solutions for childrens play rooms or gaming rooms. The strips can be dimmed down to create a subtle and low light effect upon the room. The interesting colours are perfect for achieving a fun wash of colour.

The IP rating also means that these lights are perfect to be used in damp environments. This includes spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms or even pool areas. They will be able to withstand splashes and contact without causing damage to your LED lighting.

The lights are perfect for outdoor sign lighting, but they can also be used for focal lighting or general exterior lighting. They will achieve an exquisite glow upon your house or commercial building. They will also cast a striking visual effect when positioned to light up focal points. For example this could be statues, trees or water features.

The light will embellish the natural details, enhancing the highlights and shadows of the surface. Bring a fresh and contemporary design to your garden spaces by using our high quality flexible strips.

The protection the strips have also make them ideal for clubs or bars where fun and interesting lighting designs are required. They are likely to get drinks spilled on them or touched which is why it's important to have protected strips. They are also easy to clean without risking cleaning materials damaging the components of the strips.

This applies to other commercial spaces such as retail outlets, restaurants, arcades or even roller skating or ice skating rinks. Our LED strips are the perfect solution for your unique installation.

Our flexible tapes are extremely energy efficient compared to traditional lighting solutions as they consume significantly less power. LEDs also offer an extremely long life span ensuring that your LED lighting design will not need replacing regularly.

They are very easy to install, simply connect an LED driver to your strip to provide a power supply. Always ensure that you use an appropriate driver for your LED product. Read our helpful case study on how to select an appropriate driver.

The strips can be controlled by a variety of control protocols. Some of which are wireless that ensure a quick and easy set up that also do not need a line of sight. This makes controlling your lights effortless and perfect for commercial spaces.

The flexible strips can then be easily fixed into place using the fixing pegs and screws. This will ensure a secure and reliable installation of your strips that will not drop or completely fall off.

All of our flexi strips come with a 2 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Shop our selection of dimmable LED tape to find the perfect lighting for your unique and professional lighting installation.

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    Flexi LED Strip Blue IP67
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