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RF Remote Controls

RF Remote Controls

We have a range of RF handsets that are designed to control LED lighting such as LED strip lights. An RF control system is a simple way of controlling your LED lighting with remote controllers. It uses a remote control handset or wall panel paired with a suitable receiver.

We stock touch remotes and remote control dimmer switches for LED lights. The RF control remotes will switch and control all types of LED tape and other LED lighting wirelessly, including:

  • RGB LED (colour changing)
  • Single colour LED
  • Dual white (CCT) LED products

Our RF LED remote control range has remotes that can control a varying amount of zones, from single up to 8 controllable zones. This makes controlling multiple lighting fixtures effortlessly all from one control unit.

Please speak to our technical sales team for more installation tips and advice. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. SR2839W
    Sunricher RF Four Channel (RGBW) LED Remote
  2. SR2833TS
    Sunricher RF Single Colour Touch Control LED Remote
  3. SR2836DRGB
    Sunricher RF Desktop Tri-Colour (RGB) Rotary Controller
  4. SR2833TSCCT
    Sunricher RF Dual Colour (CCT) Touch Control LED Remote
  5. SR2839DIM&1029
    Sunricher RF Single Colour LED Remote & Receiver
  6. SR2839CCT&1029
    Sunricher RF Dual Colour (CCT) LED Remote & Receiver
  7. SR2839&1029
    Sunricher RF RGB Colour Changing LED Remote & Receiver
  8. SR2836D
    Sunricher RF Desktop Single Colour Rotary Controller
  9. SR2836DCCT
    Sunricher RF Desktop Dual Colour (CCT) Rotary Controller
  10. SR2858Z45C
    Sunricher RF Five Channel (RGB & CCT) Programmable LED Remote
  11. SR2819SDIM
    Sunricher RF Single Colour 4 Zone LED Remote Handset
  12. FUT043A-PLUS
    FUT043A-PLUS MiBoxer Smart 3-in-1 LED Strip Control Set
  13. FUT089S
    FUT089S Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (6 Zone)
  14. FUT100
    FUT100 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (100 Zone)
  15. FUT089Z
    FUT089Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 RGB+CCT Remote
  16. FUT086
    FUT086 MiBoxer 8-Zone 433MHz Remote Controller
  17. FUT045A
    FUT045A MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Strip Control Set
  18. FUT043A
    FUT043A MiBoxer Smart RGB LED Strip Control Set
  19. FUT042
    FUT042 MiBoxer RGB LED Strip Control Set
  20. FUT041
    FUT041 MiBoxer Single Colour LED Strip Control Set
  21. FUT040
    FUT040 MiBoxer Dual White LED Strip Control Set
  22. FUT028
    FUT028 MiBoxer RGBW LED Strip Control Set
  23. FUT027
    FUT027 MiBoxer Touch Sensitive RGBW LED Control Set
  24. FUT025
    FUT025 MiBoxer Touch Screen RGB LED Control Set
  25. FUT022
    FUT022 MiBoxer RF Colour Temp Adjustable LED Controller
  26. FUT021
    FUT021 MiBoxer RF Wireless LED Dimmer
  27. FUT020
    FUT020 MiBoxer RGB LED Control Set
  28. FUT096
    FUT096 Mi-Light RGBW Remote (Full Touch)
  29. FUT095
    FUT095 Mi-Light RGBW Remote (Button)
  30. FUT092
    FUT092 Mi-Light RGB & CCT Remote (4 Zone)
  31. FUT089
    FUT089 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (8 Zone)
  32. FUT088
    FUT088 MiBoxer RGB+CCT Full Touch Remote
  33. FUT006
    FUT006 Mi-Light Colour Temperature Remote Control (Rotating Wheel)
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How does an RF LED remote control work?

RF (Radio Frequency) remote controls are a simplistic solution to single colour, RGB and RGBW LED Control. Where an IR system transmits light, RF systems transmits radio waves that can be identified and translated by an RF receiver.

As RF remote uses radio waves it does not need line of sight and will work up to 20m from the receiver. Because of their range and functionality receivers can be hidden making for a cleaner install, perfect for home installations.