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FUT045A MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Strip Control Set

Product Code: FUT045A
  • RGB+CCT Control Set
  • Pre-Paired Handset and Receiver
  • Plug and play installation
  • Smooth Colour Selection
  • 64 million colours at your fingertips
  • Lights Off Timer
  • APP Control
  • Up to 30m range
  • 5 Year Guarantee
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
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Product Description

This new LED touch remote features fully touchscreen controls. This 2.4G Radio Frequency Wireless Five Channel Handset & Receiver LED control set is available from our range of Mi-Light products. The LED remote control can control your RGBW and adjustable colour temperature LED lights, these products include LED fixtures such as:


Features of the RF Handset

Using its high-quality RGB control disk and diming slider controls, this RGB LED controller features:

  • Instant colour selection
  • Colour saturation
  • Colour temperature adjustment
  • Dimming


The Mi-Light receiver system has a memory feature. If powered off from the handset, when it is next powered on it will revert to the last dimming level selected.

The LED dimming controller is an ideal solution to controlling your RGB LED lights. It will enable you to adjust the colour, brightness and white adjustment to set the mood and atmosphere. The LED light bulb remote control will enable you to control your RF systems from up to 30 metres away. This gives you effortless control over your products such as LED bulbs.

The light controller also comes with a already paired RF receiver. Therefore there is no wiring experience is needed to begin controlling your lighting.


Our Mi-Light handsets also enable you to use exciting pre-set programs on your remote control LED lights such as:

  • Colour fading
  • Colour cycles
  • Colour pulsing

The LED light controller also has a "Night Light" feature when your controller is in single colour mode. You can dim the lighting to a pre-set level by holding down the "master off" button. This feature is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas where a dim light is left on for convenience at night.

Using the RF Handset

The LED dimmer handset is a perfect addition to your control systems. It is suitable for both commercial and domestic markets.

The LED controller dimmer can be used anywhere to control any lighting. It is ideal for settings where instant colour selection, brightness and colour temperature control is required.


This is perfect for your home so that you can effortlessly control your colour changing LED lights. The wireless controller enables you to control your lights without having to use a wall control panel.

The lights can be adjusted throughout the day using the touch sensitive disc to create the perfect homely aesthetic. The lights can be altered to be bright to give clear vision while working or cooking. The brightness of the LED lights can then be modified to create softer relaxing lighting for unwinding.

The handset also allows you to adjust the colour temperature of your LED lights. Not sure what the difference between colour temperatures are? Simply use this colour temperature slider. This will allow you to adjust the warmth or coolness of your RGB colours or whites giving you yet more freedom of control over your lighting.

Perfect for lighting control in any area of your home such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or home offices.


It is also the ideal control solution in commercial institutions such as arcades, hotels, bars and exhibitions. Create an exquisite light effect with fun and interesting colours paired with the colour changing modes. The handset allows effortless control over professional lighting fixtures. You can easily select the colour, brightness and colour temperature to suit the atmosphere that you require for your space.


Operating the RF Handset

Simply insert two AAA type batteries into the wireless LED lights remote control to power the controller. The handset will work up to 30m away from the paired lighting devices.

Note: A line of sight is not needed between the handset and the LED light. Although, walls or obstructions may weaken the signal.

This MiBoxer handset is supplied with its own holder, allowing you to wall-mount the handset.

A timer function on the RGB LED strip controller will delay your lighting from switching off. When your luminaires are set to a single colour (static mode) you can select a 60 second or 10-minute delay. This is a very useful function that gives you time to exit a room or area before the lights turn off.

Compatible Mi-Light LED lighting is sold separately. All Mi-Light products purchased from LED technologies carry an exclusive five-year warranty.

For product assistance on our Mi-Light Controller sets please contact us by telephone, email or via the website live chat.

FUT045A MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Strip Control Set

Quick Specs

The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.

What's in the box?

  • RGB+CCT RF Handset
  • Handset Holder
  • Fixing Clips
  • RGB+CCT RF Receiver
  • Instruction manual
Product Code: FUT045A
Product Packed Gift box
Manufacturer Mi-Light / MiBoxer
Product Type Controller / Receiver
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
Guarantee Period
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
5 Years
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
Handset - Battery / Receiver - DC 12 - 24V
Connectivity RF
Size Handset: L134 x W47 x H16.5mm Receiver: L97 x W37 x H28mm
Dimmable: No
Wireless Range Up to 30 metres
Modulation Method GFSK
Transmitting Power 6dBm
Standby Power Consumption 20uA
Operation Frequency 2.4GHz
Battery Type 2 x AAA Batteries
Operating Temp NA
Smart Synchronisation Version 1.0
Datasheet - FUT045A Download

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