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LED Battens / Wall Washer Lights

LED Battens / Wall Washer Lights

Our LED Batten strip lights are manufactured from high quality components with an impressive technical specification in a slim, 1m aluminium profile. As a professional lighting solution, the slimline LED batten lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are available in a cool white.

We also supply the Mi-Light range of LED Luminaries that includes stunning RGB+CCT LED Battens. These are available as a 24W or 48W Smart batten or a 72W DMX512 & RDM batten...

Each Mi-Light luminaire features commercial grade RGB+CCT LEDs enabling you to select millions of colour combinations. In addition your colour temperature adjustments from 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white) for your LED lights. This gives you a dimmable LED batten so you can create different mood lighting. Take a look at our LED batten fitting at this sensory swimming pool.

Each batten is just over 1m long and can be angled as required using the adjustable fixing brackets. With a beam angle of 15deg x 60deg wide, each batten is ideal for projecting an even wash of light to the walls. Perfect for function suites or marquees and the units are IP66 rated.

They can be used to produce a wash of colour to buildings or other outdoor structures. In fact, these LED battens are a perfect choice for creating the ideal ambience for your indoor or outdoor space. For example, LED batten lights for a garage, wall lights, exhibition lighting or display stand.

The professional 72w DMX batten has a built-in DMX512 decoder which also features RDM enabling you to set up the various parameters of the batten. This includes a Linear or Logarithmic dimming curve from an RDM enabled DMX desk.

You can also set the DMX addresses and various other parameters using the built-in DMX decoder's digital user interface and control buttons. They have mains input power cables and a DMX input at one end of the batten with a DMX output link cable at the opposite end of the batten. The DMX link cables have IP66 rated connectors and an IP66 connector to the flying lead link cable, available separately if required.

There is a wide range of control options available for the Smart version of this powerful wall washer. You can either synchronise all your battens together or control them in separate zones from a single remote control handset or wall panel. It is also possible to control your battens from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Using the free Mi-Light application or with voice control through your smart speaker using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Note: An additional hub is required for smartphone & voice control.

Using a wireless control helps to minimise cable runs so all the battens require is a mains supply to power them. For the smart batten option, the Mi-Light control system features “Signal Transmitting & Mode synch”. This means each Luminair re-transmits the signal from the remote controller to other lighting fixtures in the group.

This effectively creates a MESH network that ensures that all the lighting fixtures in the network will synchronise together wirelessly, without any connecting control leads. As long as the first fixture is within 30m of the controller and each subsequent fixture is within 30m of the previous unit, the signal from the controller will jump from fixture to fixture.

This is ideal for applications such as marquees where cable runs need to be kept to a minimum to reduce set-up times of your LED batten fitting. It also enables you to wirelessly synchronise the battens together without having to run control cables over doorways and emergency exits.

LED lighting is energy efficient. They use between 80 & 90% less energy so you will make real savings on your energy bills.

We confidently offer a 5-year warranty on our Mi-Light LED Battens.

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  1. 100.372
    LEDTech Slimline Batten 36x1w Cool White 1 Metre IP65
  2. D4W72
    D4W72 MiBoxer 72W RGBW AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
  3. RL124L
    RL124L MiBoxer 24W LoRa 433MHz RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Wall Washer
  4. LL118
    LL118 MiBoxer 18W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Linear Light
  5. SYSRL1
    SYSRL1 MiBoxer 24W RGB+CCT 24V LED Wall Washer Light
  6. RL248
    RL248 MiBoxer 48W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Wall Washer
  7. RL124
    RL124 MiBoxer 24W RGB+CCT AC100-240V LED Wall Washer
  8. D5W72
    D5W72 MiBoxer 72W RGB+CCT AC100-240V DMX LED Wall Washer
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