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  1. ProFlex RGB - Exhibition Display

    Used on these unique lighting displays was our 24v, 14.4 watts per metre, IP67 Rated RGB LED Strip. Mounted in our Batten LED profile to create the unique pylon and wall-mounted lighting effect you see pictured so this display stood out.
  2. LED Modules - Lancôme Feature

    Used on this stunning display feature by Lancôme was our Warm White LED Modules and Cool White LED Modules to create an eye-catching glow throughout the structure.
  3. ProFlex RGB - Gaming Exhibition

    Used on this stand was our 24v, 14.4 watts per metre RGB LED Strip, fully controlled through DMX. Mounted in our bendable profile to create the rib effect you see pictured so this exhibition stand really catches your eye.
  4. Exhibition Display Lighting - Vampire Vape

    With the exhibition industry back and as busy as ever, here are our compact display lights and long arm exhibition lights used on this stand. This Exhibition Display Stand for Vampire Vape used our White 30W Compact Display Lights and White 21W Exhibition Display Lights.
  5. Compact Display Lights

    Today we had a company contact us about our Compact display lights. They had attended an exhibition at the NEC and saw them on a stand. These lights are available in White, Black and Silver/Grey and produce a very bright cool white light, they have an adjustable bracket for ease of fixing.

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