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Single to Twin Splitter Cables

Product Code: 100.673
  • 480mm in length from end to end
  • Power two lengths of LED Strips
  • Single male jack plug
  • "Y" splitter
  • Two female jack sockets
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Product Description

This twin splitter cable enables two lengths of LED tape fitted with male jack plugs to be connected to a single laptop type driver with a fitted female jack connector.
Before use, please make sure that the driver you are using is capable of powering the length of LED tape that you are connecting to it.  Remember that a driver should only be loaded to 75% of its capable output so for example, a 100w driver can be loaded up to 75w.
Once the load has been established to be within tolerance, connect the male jack plug on the twin splitter lead to the female jack socket on the LED driver.  Then connect each of the female output jack sockets on the splitter cable to the male jack plugs fitted to the tape.
The total length of the splitter cable is 480mm from end to end.

Quick Specs

Product Code: 100.673
Product Packed Box
Product Type Connectors
Colour Black
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
Size 480mm from end to end
Dimmable: No
Continuous Operation Not suitable for 24/7 continuous use

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