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NeoLED RGBW (4000K) 24V 12mm Single COB LED Strip Light

Product Code: 101.208
  • Uniform line of light
  • Single COB LED (Chip on Board)
  • RGBW (4000K) Colour Changing
  • 5 Year warranty
  • 560 Chips per meter
  • 3m Adhesive back
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Product Description

This NeoLED RGBW LED Strip is a dimmable product at 5M long reel with a colour rating of 4000K. With a 180 degree beam angle & LEDs at 560 p/m, running at 80w with an input voltage of 24v DC. This LED Strip has a size of 12mm x 2mm x 5000mm that can be cut at 50mm intervals.


LED Technologies dynamic NeoLED is suitable for almost any application where a bright output is needed. NeoLED is revolutionizing LED Strip light production. Utilizing the latest LED printing technology high-density chips are then formed, creating a precise and even distributed uniform line of light.

Single COB Excellence, Unlike generic LED Strip Lights our NeoLED strip features a single COB with up to 640 Chips per metre producing a completely continual line of light. This makes it perfect for installing into diffused extrusions or plinths where a uniform line of light is needed.


Highly Flexible, the LED diodes within the NeoLED strips are bonded directly to the circuit board itself which results in even greater flexibility and efficiency over standard LED strips and reduces the chances of failure. More information on the NeoLED Range.


Main advantages of COB LED Strip Lights?


  • No hot spots - The appearance of spots of light projected from the chips.
  • Brightness - The increased chip density results in a greater light output
  • Efficiency - Reduced thermal resistance results in less heat and more light.
  • Flexibility - Evenly distributed small diodes result in greater flexibility.
  • Range - available in a selection of whites, colour temperature adjustable, and colours


LED strip lighting is an alternative lighting solution to LED modules. All of our flexible LED tape lights have designated cutting points, allowing you to cut the strip to length. The LED strip lighting will fit into LED profiles, make sure to check their compatible sizes. 


RGBW work by mixing different colours together to produce a final result. Where RGB LED strips feature a tricolour red, green and blue diode and RGBW features a quad colour diode. To produce a white RGB chip would have to mix red, green and blue together which can result in discolouration. RGBW LED Chips feature a dedicated white channel that can be powered to produce a pure white without mixing. This allows RGBW diodes to produce a pure white without discolouration caused by mixing. Quad colour LED chips are used frequently for professional use where colour changing & white are required.

LED controllers are able to adjust the brightness of each colour by altering the PWM frequency supplied to each channel. By adjusting the brightness of each colour to certain values the controller is then able to set the LED strip to specific colours.



IP20 - Dustproof:

The 2 stands for protection against solid objects over 12mm so for example this would finger. The 0 stands for no protection from liquids at all. An example of where you would use this IP-rated strip light would be in a dry indoor environment so, with Cabinet Lighting, Shelf Lighting, and Ceiling Coffers. The reason for this is that it is dry and not likely to come into contact with any water.


Quick Specs

The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.


  • Furniture
  • TV Studios
  • Exhibitions
  • Theatres
  • Office Spaces
  • Living Areas

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 5 Metre Roll of NeoLED
  • 1 x Installation Guide
  • 10 x Soft Silicone Fixing Clips


NeoLED must be handled and installed at a minimum ambient temperature of 19ºC. Please ensure it is not removed from the roll until it has had time to reach this temperature. If unrolled below 19ºC the coating will crack/fail and will produce a blue light. This will not be covered under the warranty.

Product Code: 101.208
Product Packed Anti static Bag
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type LED Strip Light
Colour RGB / Natural White
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
LED per mtr
The amount of LED chips per 1 meter length.
560 p/Mtr
Metres 5 MTR
Guarantee Period
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
5 Years
Wattage 80w
Current 627mA/M
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
24v DC
Brightness Super High Brightness
PCB Weight 2oz
Size 12mm x 2mm x 5000mm Roll
Reel Length 5M
Beam Angle: 180 degree
Power Consumption: 16w
Lumens P/LED 1.5-2lm/chip
Lumens P/Mtr 842 LM/m
CRI Rating (greater than) CRI >80
Dimmable: Yes
Cut Intervals: 50mm
LED QTY 560 LED Per Mtr
LED Type Chip on board (COB)
Continuous run 5 mtr
Average LED life Hrs 50,000
Peelable Back 300LSE 3M Adhesive Tape
Colour Temperature Variation IP20 No
Wireless Range Up to 30 metres
Continuous Operation Not suitable for 24/7 continuous use
Base Type Tails
101.208 - Datasheet Download
101.208 - Spectrum Test Report Download

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