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SideWinder Natural White LED Letter Bendable Strip 4000-4500K 12V

Product Code: 101.111
  • Natural White 4000-4500K
  • 60 X 3528 LED's Per Metre
  • 12V / 60W
  • 90° degree bendable
  • Extremely bright Natural White light
  • Can be Bent at every LED
  • 3 Year warranty
  • 5 Metre Roll
  • Ideal for Backlighting letters and shapes
Angle 120
Medium Brightness
Natural White
CRI 80
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Product Description

LED Technologies offer this stunning Natural White bendable ZIG-ZAG LED strip. Featuring a beautiful 4000k - 4500k colour temperature. This LED lighting will illuminate your space delightfully.


Features of LED Strip Lights

The biggest feature of our SideWinder range is that it offer a bendable LED light strip. They can be bent up and down like standard strip lights, but can also be bent left and right. 90 Degree angles can be achieved at every LED giving you the ability to mount your white lighting perfectly.

These bendable light strips come on 5 metre reels, which can be cut to length at 50mm intervals. Ensure you cut along the marked cutting point to avoid damaging your strip.

The Natural White colouring is an ideal middle ground between Cool White and Warm White. Cool White can be too bright, causing glare and being uncomfortable to look at. On the other hand, Warm White lighting can be too soft with low lighting. Therefore, natural white is a perfect in-between. This flexible LED tape is also fully dimmable, which ensures you can achieve the perfect level of lighting.

SideWinder strips are perfect for indoor applications due to its IP rating of IP20. The 2 stands for protection against solid objects over 12mm so for example fingers touching the strips. The 0 stands for no protection from liquids at all.

Read more about Colour Temperature and IP ratings using our case study.

As with all LED lighting, it is a perfect alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. Light emitting diodes consume significantly less power making them extremally energy efficient.

They are also durable and reliable with a long life span. This makes sure that your lighting design will look how it is supposed to for many years. They will not need replacing regularly.


Placing LED strip lights

Strip lights can be installed in a variety of ways, from domestic installations to commercial installations.

SideWinder LED tapes are designed for making lighting up signs easy and effortless. The bendable ability of these strips makes them perfect for being shaped around complicated and intricate shapes. They are particularly useful for channel lettering. The strips can be adjusted to fit the shape of the letter perfectly.

They can be installed behind the letter or on the side, creating a beautiful and soft glow around the letters. This makes your signage stand out, bright and bold in attractive colours that can reflect your business amazingly.

Any signs can be brightened with an attractive colour, whether it is information boards, menus or advertisements. They are ideal for creating a sleek and beautiful lighting design upon any indoor sign you require.


They are not limited to sign lighting, and can be used for general indoor light sources. Whether in your home, or commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, retail outlets or entertainment establishments. Our flexible tapes offer an easy and professional lighting solution.

The 90 degree bending ability makes them effortless to install. You do not need to cut and solder the strip which would be required for standard strips. Creatively mount your lights in a variety of ways to create attractive glows and ambient lighting.

A popular method of installing dimmable LED flexible light strips is behind or underneath objects such as screens, chairs or shelves. This accomplishes a sleek halo of light. It is particularly effective for accent lighting, embellishing details on focal points such as artwork or collectibles. Strip lights are an effective way to achieve a contemporary vibe to your space.

Another popular method of mounting strip lights is outlining walls, door frames or windows. They can be bent to fit perfectly into corners thus achieving a beautiful finish. This is a perfect solution for creating a wide wash of light over the space in the perfect colour and brightness.


Installing LED Strip Lights

Our bendable LED strip lights are extremally easy to install.

Choose the surface that you wish to mount your lights upon. Ensure that it is smooth and dust free. The strips feature a high quality adhesive backing which makes the installation a case of sticking them to the required surface. Peel back the protective paper and place the strip on the surface.

For a professional finish however, the LED tape lighting can be mounted in LED profiles. Profiles offer a wealth of benefits, including diffusing light and prolonging the life of your strips.

Read our helpful case study on why we advise using LED profiles

Your strips then need an LED driver to provide a suitable power supply. We offer a huge range of drivers for every variation of strip lights. Therefore it is important tot choose the most appropriate driver. Our useful blog can help you determine which driver you require.

LED Technologies also offer a huge range of control options such as RF, DMX, and Z-WAVE to name a few. These give you options to remotely control your lighting through wall panels, handsets or even through your smart home automation network. Browse through our Sunricher range to find the best LED control protocol for your installation.


Other Products

The SideWinder range offers a huge rang of strip lights to suit all of your installation needs. This includes

  • Single Colours (Red, Green, Blue Orange and Pink)
  • White (Warm White, Natural White and Cool White)
  • RGB colour changing
  • RGBW (Warm White, Natural White and Cool White)


Specialists in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.

Speak to an LED expert today on 01260 540014

Sidewinder Natural White

Quick Specs

Angle 120
Medium Brightness
Natural White
CRI 80
3 Year Guarantee
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
IP Rating 20
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.


  • TV Studios
  • Exhibitions
  • Signage

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 5 Metre Roll Of Strip
  • 10 x Bridging Clips for Fixing  
  • 1 x Installation Guide
Product Code: 101.111
Product Packed Anti static Bag
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type LED Strip Light
Colour Natural White
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
LEDs Per Metre
The amount of LED chips per 1 meter length.
60 LEDs/m
Metres 5 MTR
Colour Temperature
Colour Temperature refers to the coolness or warmth of the light produced by the LED's indicated in degrees Kelvin.
4000 - 4500K
Guarantee Period
The guarantee period is the length of time a replacement or refund will be issued if the product becomes faulty and all operating and installation requirements have been met.
3 Years
Wattage 60W
Current 500mA/M
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
12V DC
Brightness Medium Brightness
PCB Weight 2oz
Size 8.5x1.2x5000mm Roll
Reel Length 5M
Beam Angle: 120 degree
LED Spacing 16.7mm
Lumens Per LED 22-24lm
Lumens Per Metre 1100lm
CRI Rating (greater than) CRI >80
Dimmable: Yes
Cut Intervals: 50mm
LED Type Led chip 2835
Continuous run
You can run longer lengths but this may result in voltage drop causing reduced brightness and longevity - please contact our Technical Team for advice before installation - 01260 540014
5 mtr
Average LED life Hrs 50,000
Peelable Back 300LSE 3M Adhesive Tape
Base Type Tails
Datasheet - 101.111 Download

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