Waterproof LED Strip Lights and Connectors

All our waterproof LED Strip Lights are either IP67 Silicone coated or IP68 Double Sealed strip, the differences in the 2 are below:

IP67 Waterproof Strips (For protection against temporary submersion.)
This range of IP rated strip lights are perfect for use in outdoor environments where it is likely to get wet such as around the perimeters of buildings.
The waterproofing on this rated strip is achieved by dipping the uncoated LED Strip Light in silicone sealant creating a single layer seal around the entirety the strip then left to dry.

IP68 Waterproof Strips (For protected against long periods of submersion.)
This IP rating is specifically designed for use outdoors or in very wet areas. An Example of where this Strip Light would be suited could be a water feature such as a outdoor fountain where the Strip Light would be constantly hit with water and potentially permanently submerged .
This IP rating is produced in a similar way to IP67 strips but once the first coat of silicone has completely dried, it is dipped once again in silicon sealant creating a double seal.
Our IP68 rated strip also comes with 2 metre cables coming off each end meaning you can make your connection out of the water.

When using our IP rated products for outdoor and wet installations, it is important to ensure all wiring connections are completely water tight in order to validate the guarantee period.

We supply a range of IP68 connectors and enclosures.
They are all gel filled, so once clamped down a watertight seal is created around the connection. This stops any capillary reaction (water ingress through the cable) which could cause the LEDs to fail.
Our range of Raytech enclosures are reusable so once opened the gel will reset back to its original form, then you can clamp it back down and the gel will reseal around the connection.
They can be installed in applications from -40 Degrees to +50 Degrees so suitable for many environments.

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