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8mm Solderless Double Connector

8mm Solderless Double Connector

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8mm Solderless Double Connector

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Quick Overview

This 8mm solderless connector is designed to join together lengths (less than 5m) of IP20 single colour LED tape products 8mm in width.  It is not recommended for use with IP67 rated (coated) tape products as the connector is not IP67 rated and is not designed to pierce the coating.  This connector is a quick and simple way of joining tape.


The LedTech range of solderless tape connectors are designed to make joining our uncoated LED tape products simple without the need to make soldered joints.  This connector has a simple clip fitting but first ensure that the LED tape is cut only at the clearly marked cutting points and that the copper or soldered tabs are showing.
Important: The copper tabs are protected with a layer of clear lacquer, before attaching the connector, carefully scrape away the lacquer to ensure good connection.
Open the connector covers and insert the tapes to be joined into the slot on each side of the connector, ensuring that the copper or soldered tabs are lined up with the tabs on the connector.  Close the two connector covers making sure that they are firmly clipped into place and the locking tabs are latched.
Do not daisy chain more than 5m of LED tape in one long line, please ensure that you follow this rule when joining tape together otherwise the tape could overheat causing it to fail.


Product Code: 100.675
PCB Weight Not Applicable
Weight (g) 1.0000
CRI Rating (greater than) CRI 80
Dimmable: No
LED Type: Not Applicable
Average LED life Hrs: 30,000
CE and RoHS: No
Colour Temperature Variation IP20 No
Power Factor (greater than) Not Applicable
Wireless Range Not Applicable
Continuous Operation: Not suitable for 24/7 continuous use