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Neonflex LED Lighting

LED Neonflex lighting is an attractive solution for commercial lighting to achieve continuous lines of light. They are available in either top view or side view variations, as well as standard and mini sizes. This enables you to achieve sleek and professional strip lighting easily.

LED Neon flex is particularly useful for commercial shop lighting for shelving or window displays. They bend beautifully and emit a powerful but soft light. They are a perfect energy-efficient solution for creating professional lighting.

LED Neon lights are high-quality products that are ideal for sleek and contemporary lighting. Featuring a continuous line of light and a beautiful shade of their respective colour, Neon LED strip lights are a perfect choice.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 100.903
    Neon Flex Sideview Pink 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  2. 100.906
    Neon Flex Topview 2600-2900K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  3. 100.905
    Neon Flex Sideview 2600-2900K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  4. 100.908
    Neon Flex Sideview 2900-3200k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  5. 100.907
    Neon Flex Topview 2900-3200K 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  6. 100.904
    Neon Flex Topview Pink 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  7. 101.994
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview RGBW Clips x5 | NEOLINEAR
  8. 101.993
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview RGBW End Caps x5 | NEOLINEAR
  9. 101.992
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview RGBW Profile 1MTR | NEOLINEAR
  10. 101.991
    Neon Flex Mini Sideview - RGBW (4000K) | NeoLinear
  11. 101.954
    Neon Flex Express RGB Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  12. 101.955
    Neon Flex Express RGB Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  13. 101.956
    Neon Flex Express RGBW (4000K) Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  14. 101.957
    Neon Flex Express RGBW (4000K) Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  15. 101.958
    Neon Flex Express Dynamic Topview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  16. 101.959
    Neon Flex Express Dynamic Sideview 10MTR | NEOLINEAR
  17. 101.962
    Neon Flex Express Pixel RGBW (4000K) Topview 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  18. 101.963
    Neon Flex Express Pixel RGBW (4000K) Sideview 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  19. 101.966
    Neon Flex Express Topview Clip Pack | NEOLINEAR
  20. 101.967
    Neon Flex Express Sideview Clip Pack | NEOLINEAR
  21. 100.882
    Neon Flex Sideview end cap pack x 10 | NEOLINEAR
  22. 100.880
    Neon Flex Sideview Clip pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  23. 100.883
    Neon Flex Topview end cap pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  24. 100.879
    Neon Flex Topview Clip pack x10 | NEOLINEAR
  25. 100.902
    Neon Flex Sideview RGBW 4000K Colour changing 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  26. 100.870
    Neon Flex Sideview RGB Colour changing 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  27. 100.876
    Neon Flex Sideview Orange (600-610nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  28. 100.881
    Neon Flex Sideview Lemon Yellow (570-575nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  29. 100.875
    Neon Flex Sideview Blue (465-470nm) 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  30. 100.874
    Neon Flex Sideview Green (520-525nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  31. 100.873
    Neon Flex Sideview Red (620-625nm) 5MTR | NEOLINEAR
  32. 100.872
    Neon Flex Sideview 5300-6000k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
  33. 100.871
    Neon Flex Sideview 3700-4200k 5mtr | NEOLINEAR
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