This exclusive Product designed by LED Technologies has been added to our wide range of LED lighting.

The Snap-O-LED is a fabulously designed product that can be used where a slim, robust, easy to install lighting source is required.

This 24v product comes in multiple different lengths and can be easily snapped together to make longer lengths. Applying 24 volt power to one end you can daisy chain up to 10m in one (A 20m run can be achieved if powered from both ends).

The Snap-O-LED comes in 6 different lengths starting at 100mm long with the longest piece being 1123mm long. It also features angled Connectors (X piece, T piece and L piece) meaning you can make different shapes and lengths for certain applications. Featuring a 1 metre starter cable you can mount the power supply 1 metre away from the first piece and then using the 1 Metre Link cable you can join pieces together that are further away from each other.

With this product being only 13.5mm x 13.5mm in size it is small and compact meaning it can be fitted discreetly while still giving out a good kick of light. With a CRI rating greater than 90 you can rely on a crisp clean light giving a true representation of any colours being illuminated. A good example of where this product could be used would be in furniture such as wardrobes, where it can be fitted at the back using L shape connectors to go round corners creating a light all around the clothes rail.

This Snap-O-LED series has the capability of full dimming and control can be achieved using our RF remote controllers and we can also supply a DMX Decoder so that it can be incorporated into an existing DMX system. As this product is pre-fitted in an aluminium profile, when it is dimmed down you get a gentle glow with no visible spotting.

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