This exclusive product is designed by LED Technologies. This is only available from our range of products. Snap-O-LED are snap on LED lights that make designing a unique and professional light effect effortless. It can be used where slim robust light source is required.

Snap on LED bars come in various lengths that can be easily snapped together to create custom lengths. They can be daisy chained up to 10 metres in length from one 24 volt power supply, and 20 metres if powered from both ends.


Snap-O-LED bars come in six different lengths starting at 100mm going up to 1123mm. The varying lengths can easily be snapped together using simple connector clips.


The range also has LED snap-on lights in shapes "X," "T," and "L," so you can create different shapes to fit the areas or features you're lighting perfectly. They are configurable in almost any combination that gives you freedom of placement.


The bespoke click and connect system is extremally easy to use and eradicates the need to cut, rejoin and solder to achieve desired lengths and shapes. For example to fit a LED strip light perfectly in the corner you will need to cut the LEDs at a angle and then solder them together. With these snap together LED lights, the shaped light bars such as the L make it easy to fit the lighting into a corner flawlessly.

There is even a 1 metre cable connector that enables a gap to be created between each connection. This is useful to install the lights around an object such as a pipe on the wall without having to create a new circuit.

These connectable LED light bar feature a high quality aluminium extrusion with easy mounting. The opaque diffuser achieves a clean diffused light without any hot spots, thus making a professional and contemporary continuous line of light.

The Light bars have an exceptional 4000k Daylight white with a CRI greater than 90. This achieves a beautiful light that will give a true representation of any colours being illuminated.


There are endless possibilities on placement of snap on LED light bars. They are perfect for both domestic and commercial markets where a polished light source is required.

The LED profile suits kitchen cabinet lighting as it protects the strips from small jets of water such as steam from the kettle. It can be easily attached underneath the cabinets to achieve a beautiful glow of light which is perfect for providing extra lighting for greater visibility on kitchen counters.

They are also perfect illuminating small spaces such as wardrobes. LED Technologies offer a wardrobe lighting bundle that gives you everything you need to install your Snap-o-LEDS including a door sensor. It creates an extremally sophisticated lighting to a mundane piece of furniture to achieve a modern and polished home design. The L shaped pieces can be fitted into the corners creating a light all around the clothes rail.


They are particularly handy for beautiful glows on shelving whether at home or in retail outlets. The powerful emitted light is perfect for highlighting and embellishing the objects placed on the shelves. This is perfect for retail outlets for illuminating the products in a striking white light. In your home, it will create beautiful focal points on your prized possessions whether that is pieces of art, memorabilia or books.


They are also perfect for lighting up wall features such as paintings as the small lengths as well as corner pieces will allow the whole picture to be engulfed in light to really bring attention to the art work. This lighting effect is perfect for in your home as well as commercial spaces such as restaurants to create a fashionable and inviting atmosphere.

They would even be suitable for display lighting for exhibitions or museums and art galleries to embellish and highlight the objects or artwork, or to simply light up the descriptions.


Snap-O-LEDs feature a simple link up capability that makes installing them quick and easy without any need for expert wiring or electronic experience. Simply push the LED bar onto the connector clip to connect the bars to each other.

This LED light bar series is mains powered and have been developed to allow up to 10 metres of LEDs to be powered from one source. Simply connect the lights to a suitable source using the 1 metre starter cable.

The lighting can then be controlled from a number of lighting protocols such as RF, DMX or DALI. These all give you a choice of control options through wall panels, handsets or even voice control. Have a look at our Sunricher control range to find the right product for you.

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