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Waterproof LED Transformers

Waterproof drivers or Waterproof LED transformers are required to provide power to your LED lighting, particularly our LED Strip Lights.

They regulate the voltage supply to your lighting, so it is essential that you choose the most appropriate Waterproof LED power supply for your lighting. Read our blog “ How do I know which LED driver I need?”.

We have a waterproof power supply for most applications, whether for 12v or 24v products up to 300w. Drivers are usually supplied as either constant voltage power supplies or constant current LED driver power supply versions.

As our LED products are constant voltage, all our LED drivers are constant voltage. It is essential that you know if your product is a constant voltage or constant current before purchasing a driver.

When installing your waterproof drivers, it is vital that the entire circuit is waterproof. To make watertight wire connections, use our high-quality gel-filled connectors.

For more installation tips and advice, please speak to our technical sales team. Either by telephone, email or live chat on our website.

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  1. 102.102
    LEDTech | 700W 24V LED Driver
  2. 102.101
    LEDTech | 500W 24V LED Driver
  3. 102.100
    LEDTech | 400W 24V LED Driver
  4. 100.914
    NEOLINEAR |200W 24V LED Driver
  5. 100.725
    LEDTech | 300W 36V LED Driver
  6. 100.627
    LEDTech | 300W 12V LED Driver
  7. 100.628
    LEDTech | 60W 24V LED Driver
  8. 100.626
    LEDTech | 150W 12V LED Driver
  9. 100.570
    LEDTech | 100W 12V LED Driver
  10. 100.569
    LEDTech | 200W 12V LED Driver
  11. 100.551
    LEDTech | 200W 24V LED Driver
  12. 100.530
    LEDTech | 30W 24V LED Driver
  13. 100.531
    LEDTech | 30W 12V LED Driver
  14. 100.529
    LEDTech | 150W 24V LED Driver
  15. 100.525
    LEDTech | 300W 24V LED Driver
  16. 100.331
    LEDTech | 100W 24V LED Driver
  17. 100.330
    LEDTech | 60W 12V LED Driver
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