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FUTC08A MiBoxer RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light Kit Set

Product Code: FUTC08A
  • RGB+CCT Smart LED Garden Light set
  • Colour temperature 2700K~6500K
  • Click here to see our setup blog
  • Auto synchronization
  • Home automation compatibility
  • 5 Year Guarantee
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Product Description

Each garden light in this plug and play set features 3 x 2w RGB+CCT LED's that can produce millions of colour combinations and with the addition of the colour temperature adjustment option (CCT) you can adjust the colour saturation or select any colour temperature of white from warm white (2700K) up to Cool white (6500K) giving you the best of both worlds.

The lights are controlled remotely using the RF remote control handset supplied in the set to create a perfect colour wash to your garden features or decking/patio area.  The handset does not need line of sight to control the garden lights and it can be used indoors.  Note: The handset will work up to 30m from your first garden light but walls and other obstructions may decrease the range of the signal.

As the system uses 2.4GHz wireless transmitting technology, so you can also control your garden lights from a smartphone application or your smart speaker (an additional 2.4GHz hub will be required for these features).  The garden lights also feature Signal Transmitting and Mode synchronisation, which enables each light to re-transmit the signal from the remote controller to other lighting fixtures in the group so when a program such as fading through the colours is selected all the lights will stay synchronised together.  This will also work with any additional lights should you want to extend your garden lighting system. View our blog on the new Mi-Light Mi-Boxer Smart LED Garden Light Set.

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Quick Specs


What's in the box?

  • Everything included 
  • 3x LED Garden Lights
  • 3x Garden spikes
  • Switching power supply
  • Power cable
  • Extension cables
  • T type cable connectors
  • FUT088 Controller
  • Instruction manual
Product Code: FUTC08A
Product Packed Gift box
Manufacturer Mi-Light / MiBoxer
Product Type Garden Light
IP Rating IP66 Splashproof
Colour Temperature
Colour Temperature refers to the coolness or warmth of the light produced by the LED's indicated in degrees Kelvin.
2700 - 6500K
Guarantee Period 5 Years
Wattage 6w
Current 1.5A
Input Voltage
This is the required amount of volts needed to power the product.
100v - 240v AC
Connectivity RF
Size 71mm X 60mm X 108mm
Beam Angle: 25 degree
CRI Rating (greater than) CRI >80
Dimmable: Yes
LED Type Not Applicable
Average LED life Hrs 50,000
Power Factor > 0.5
Wireless Range Up to 30 metres
Max Bend Not Applicable
Transmitting Power 6dBm
Operation Frequency 2.4GHz
Operating Temp -20~45°C
Luminous Flux: 550LM
Light Efficiency: 90LM/W
Smart Synchronisation Version 2.0
Datasheet - FUTC08A Download

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