MiLight MiBoxer LED Garden Light Set

First impressions were that the units were well packed and laid out in the box with clear instructions on how to connect the lights together. The lights are supplied with an RF handset, Three Garden Lights, all the cables and “T” connectors needed to wire up the three garden lights together, the set includes a UK mains plug and transformer that can be connected to a mains supply. The transformer must be placed indoors or in an IP rated outdoor box to avoid it getting wet.

MiLight MiBoxer LED Garden Light Set Contents

The Garden Light Set is very simple to install, simply plug and play with little electrical knowledge required. I made sure that the areas that the lights were to be mounted in were within the range of the cable lengths, I then attached the lights to the included lawn spikes and pushed them into the lawn as required, pointing the lights at various garden features in order to achieve the best effect. Note the lawn spikes are removable so the light units can also be screwed to a wall or decking as required.

After placing the lights, I attached the link cables and connectors back to the power supply and plugged them into a mains socket. The handset was already paired to the lights and each of the lights in the chain all changed colour together so all that was needed then was to wait until dark to see the effect!

MiLight MiBoxer LED Garden Light Set

I have to say the light output from these compact light units was very effective. We have a very large willow tree in our garden and the lights had no problem reaching into the upper branches. Obviously, some colours were better than others, particularly the cool white light and green really brought out the natural colours in the tree. I also tried the lights on various garden features to see the effects that could be achieved. Selecting a slow colour fade was a good effect and all the programs and colour selection is done from the user-friendly handset which doesn’t require a line of sight to operate the lights. As long as one of the lights is within 20m of the handset the lights worked perfectly even from inside the house.

MiLight MiBoxer LED Garden Light Set

In summary, I was really impressed not only with the light output from this Garden Light Set but also the build quality, ease of setting up and particularly the remote control functions were very intuitive.

I think the best place for these lights to be installed would be around decking or a patio area to highlight either a wall or a garden feature around the decking/patio. This would enable you to hide the connecting cables either under the decking or by fixing them to a wall or edging around the patio.

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