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RF Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What does RF stand for?

A. Radio frequency.

Q. What is (RF) Radio Frequency?

A. Radio Frequency is a wireless form of control for LED lighting products.

Q. What does Radio frequency control consist of?

A. Radio frequency consists of a combination of a receiver and a remote control or wall panel.

Q. Can RF signals go through walls/objects?

A. Normally with a radio frequency there is a certain distance between the receiver and controller, walls and objects can reduce the range, but the signal will travel through.

Q. Where would you use RF Control?

A. If you are wanting a simple bit of control for an LED product, RF is the best system, it is very basic and easy to use.

Q. What can you do with RF Control?

A. RF control can be used to dim single colour LED products up and down. Or it can be used on colour changing products to change the colour and dim them up and down.

Q. What are the most common frequencies RF control can work off?

A. The most common frequencies that Radio Frequency works off are 315MHz, 434MHz or 868MHz

Q. Does RF control require any cables?

A. No, RF control does not require any cables. The remote or wall panel will work wirelessly with the receiver.

Q. Is there anything that can affect RF frequency signals?

A. Yes, there are things that can affect RF frequency signals. Physical objects, for example, metal structures, buildings can affect the range on an RF control system. Also sound systems can reduce the range for example amplifiers and speakers as they also give off frequencies.

Q. Do you need line of sight for RF control?

A. No, RF control does not require line of sight as it works of radio frequency you donโ€™t need to point the remote at the lights.

Q. Is there a certain range RF control works up to?

A. Most commonly RF can work up to a 20 metre range.

Q. Would RF be a good solution for a Domestic kitchen install?

A. Yes, it would be as it is an easy form of control gear and not complicated to use.

Q. How many colours can you get from a RF controller?

A. From an RF controller if you are using colour changing LED products you can mix to make around 16.3 million different colours.

Q. What frequency does RF Control work off?

A. The frequencies for RF control range from 9kHz all the way up to 300 GHz.

Q. Using RF control can you control multiple zones?

A. Depending on which product you use, yes using RF Controllers you can control up to 8 zones together or all separately from the same controller.