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Male Female PA66 Connector

Product Code: 100.657
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Product Description

When constructing large light boxes, due to size constraints it is sometimes practical to construct them in smaller sections.  The PA66 plug and socket terminal connector is perfect for linking these sections together.  Connect the output leads from one box to the terminal block on the female half of the PA66 connector then connect the input leads on the next box to the terminal block on the male half of the PA66 connector.  The PA66 connector can then be connected and disconnected as required.
These handy connectors have many uses for projects that need a quick and easy plug together fitting for up to three core cable.

Product Code: 100.657
Product Packed Box
PCB Weight Not Applicable
Dimmable: No
LED Type Not Applicable
Average LED life Hrs 30,000
Colour Temperature Variation IP20 No
Power Factor > Not Applicable
Continuous Operation Not suitable for 24/7 continuous use

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