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Non-Waterproof Green LED Strip Lights

Non-Waterproof Green LED Strip Lights

LED Technologies offer a wide range of bright green LED lights with IP20 rating. The bright bold colour will achieve a beautiful wash of green. Our selection will ensure that you have the perfect product for your indoor lighting needs.

IP20 rated strips are only suitable for installation in indoor dry areas. The 2 stands for protection against solid objects over 12mm so for example touching. The 0 stands for no protection from liquids at all. The non-waterproof lights are ideal for interior decoration and lighting...

Read more about IP ratings using our case study.

Our strip lights offer a bright green colouring that will achieve a stunning blanket of colour. They are also fully dimmable which gives you control over the brightness. You can achieve bright striking lights or a dim low lighting effect easily with our strips.

Green LED strips are a perfect alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. This is because they consume significantly less power which will save you money on energy bills. They also waste less energy, ensuring that the majority of the power inputted into the fixture will be transformed into light rather than heat.

LED lighting also feature an extremally long life span that ensures that you will not need to replace your LED lighting often. Your lighting design will look exactly how you intended for many years, with little maintenance.


Lifestyle LED Green light strips are a cost effective solution that is perfect for domestic lighting. They are suitable for installations that don't demand a high spec product.

This offers a 12V strip lights that is perfect for a range of uses, recommended for domestic installations. The 12 volts also means these are perfect for lighting up mobile homes or caravans in a beautiful stylish light. This is because it is compatible with 12v batteries.

Read our blog on lighting mobile homes with 12v strips.


ModelFlex is a slim compact LED green light that does not compromise on light output. With a impressive 5mm by 2.2 mm, this strip light can be easily concealed. Perfect for illuminating intricate models to embellish and highlight the small details of the project.

The small size also makes this a perfect solution for cabinet lighting. The strip can be easily installed in small spaces while still filling the space in a splash of colour. Perfect for creating a contemporary lighting effect.


The ProFlex range is a professional grade lighting solution. These provide a high quality LED lighting solution for your lighting installation. They offer a consistent and bright colour that will ensure that your space is beautifully lit up in a stylish colour.

This features a 24V lighting solution that is perfect for professional lighting. This is because 24v strips will suffer less voltage drop compared to 12v LED strips. This where one end of the strip is brighter than the opposite end.

This is not usually noticeable by the human eye, but it is a important factor to consider. Especially when installing for Tv productions or stage shows where the light may be recorded.

Proflex 24v green LED lights are available in 48w and 72W variations. Choosing between the two solely depends on how bright you require your lighting. The higher the wattage the brighter your single colour LED lights will be.

Green LED Interior lights can be installed in many creative and beautiful methods.

A popular method of installing single colour flexible strip lights is to simply mount them along walls, skirting boards or as ceiling lights. This method achieves a wide wash of light to fill the space in a glorious colour. This is perfect for a main light source.

However, a second popular method is a more subtle installation that is perfect for ambient lighting. Mounting your lights behind furniture such as desks, shelves of screens will create a beautiful soft glow. This is a low light solution to achieve amazing mood lighting.

Green LED strip lights are a perfect solution for domestic lighting. They can be installed in many places including living rooms, bedrooms or hallways.

They could even be used to glamorously light up stairs for a contemporary effect. You can install the strips under the hand rails or on each step. They can even be paired with our PIR sensors which will switch the lights on when it detects movement. Perfect for convenient lighting at night without having to use a wall panel.

Strip lights are further an exceptional solution for accent lighting, for memorabilia, statues, artwork or books. They will achieve a soft touch of light, depending on your lighting setting, creating a beautiful focus onto the pieces.

They are not limited to domestic lighting, as they are suitable for a range of commercial installations. This includes arcades, theatres, cinemas or restaurants, anywhere that requires a beautiful bold Green light. The vivid colouring is the perfect lighting solution for playful and leisure areas.

The bold colouring makes this also perfect for bar lighting, installed around mirrors, bottles or behind the counter. It will achieve a stylish and bright colour wash over the space, perfect for achieving a bar atmosphere.


All of our single colour LED strip lights are easy to install. Most of our strips feature a high quality adhesive tape backing. This makes installation a case of sticking your LED strips to the chosen surface.

Make certain that the surface is smooth and dust free. Peel back the protective paper and stick the strip on to the surface.

While it is unlikely your strip lights will fall off, there are fixing clips provided. This will give you peace of mind and extra security.

The strip lights can be cut on the cutting points to create bespoke lengths. This will ensure a professional finish on your installation.

For a professional finish however, the LED tape lighting can be mounted in LED profiles. Profiles offer a wealth of benefits, including diffusing light and prolonging the life of your strips. Choose from flat, deep, recessed, angled or walkover profiles for a wider choice of installations.

We even offer a tubular LED profile that will enable your strip light to be hung stylishly from the ceiling. It will create the look of a fluorescent tube light creating a perfect energy efficient alternative.

Read our helpful case study on why we advise using LED profiles.Your strips then need an LED driver to provide a suitable power supply. We offer a huge range of LED power supply for every variation of strip lights. Therefore it is important to choose the most appropriate driver. Our useful blog can help you determine which driver you require.

LED Technologies also offer a huge range of control options such as RF, DMX, and Z-WAVE to name a few. These give you options to remotely control your lighting. This includes wall panels, dimmer switches, handsets or even through your smart home automation network. Browse through our Sunricher range to find the best LED control protocol for your installation.

Specialists in house to advise and specify the more advanced solutions.
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