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LED Product Filters explained:

LED Colour Temperature -

The “colour temperature” of a white light, whether LED or not, indicates the colour tint of the white light. Most white light is not pure white, it’s usually got a bit of a tint.

In other words, there are different shades of white. Use our temperature tool below to see the effect of different colour temperaures in use.

LED IP Rating -

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating of an electrical product is a guide that’s used to detail the strength of an enclosure that surrounds electrical components. In relation to LED bulbs, the IP rating measures tolerance against dust particles and water or liquids. The first digit is in relation to solids, the second liquids. For example, an IP67 rating means that the LED is totally protected against dust and water to a depth of 6-39inches. The tables below should help make sense of it: