12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans or Mobile Homes

LED Technologies offer a huge variety of 12V LED tape that is a phenomenal lighting solution for Campervans, Caravans, Motorhomes, boats or anything that has 12v batteries.

Flexible LED strip lights are perfect for Camper van interior lights or mobile home lighting because they are extremally versatile and can be used to create unique and spectacular lighting designs.

All of our 12V strip lights can be cut or connected to achieve the various lengths that you may need. They are effortlessly put into place using the 3m self adhesive backing making lighting your spaces simple. There are strip lights available that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations as there are waterproof and non-waterproof variations available.

You can create stunning, sleek and contemporary lighting, whether it is background mood lighting or a main lighting source, our 12v LED strip lights are perfect.

Placement of LED Strip lights

There are a huge amount of ways that our strip lights can serve as 12v camper van lighting or 12v boat lighting.

Strip lights can be used to create a main light source. They can be easily attached to the ceiling of your caravan or motor home. We recommend using our 12v white LED strip lights to achieve the right ambience. These are available in a range of colour temperatures, from Cool White to Warm White.

Colour temperatures are an important factor to consider when choosing a white strip light. Warm White lighting offers a comfortable and soft lighting effect that is perfect for a homely aesthetic. However, Cool White lighting is bright and clear which is ideal for working.

Have a look at our colour temperature slider to see the effects of colour temperatures in use.

LED profiles are also useful for diffusing light and creating a softer lighting effect for a main lighting source. We offer a range of LED aluminium profiles from flat, deep, angled or walk over profiles for any required use.

LED profiles have multiple benefits for your LED lighting such as acting as a heat sink to dissipate heat created by the LED lighting.

Aluminium LED profiles feature a sturdy housing that will protect your lighting products. It will reduce the spotting effects of standard LED lights while also diffusing the light for a soft lighting effect.

Profiles further provides a smooth and clean surface to mount your LEDs onto which some surfaces will not be able to provide.

One of the main benefits of using LED profiles is that it will extend the life of your LED strip light products. This will ensure that your LED strips will not need replacing regularly saving you money in the long run.

The profiles are also extremally easy to clean and stop the strip lights coming into contact with cleaning materials.

12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans or Mobile Homes

Our strip lights are also a fantastic way to achieve mood and ambient lighting. They can be installed in creative and beautiful ways to achieve a multitude of lighting effects.

LED Technologies stock many different lights including the following

  • Single colour (In Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Yellow)
  • RGB colour changing
  • IP20
  • IP65
  • IP67

Ingress protection rating is a rating that informs you how protected a product is from solid objects and water. The first digit is protection against solid objects while the second is against water. Read our case study to read more about IP ratings and what they mean.

12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans

Strip lights can be installed behind furniture such as screens, picture frames, mirrors or desks. This creates a beautiful halo of light around the object and brightens the space.

They can also be used to outline the area. For example you could put them under cabinets, around doors or windows or outlining shelves. This creates a sleek and modern lighting design and enables you to create the perfect ambience and effect that you want.

If your motor home features kitchen or bathrooms spaces, we recommend using a IP65 rated strip as this is protected against water jets, such as steam from the kettle or shower.

Strip lights can even be used to light up the exterior of your caravan or camper van. Exterior LED strip lights require a IP rating of IP67 so that it can withstand weather such as rain or snow. They could be used to glamorously light up exterior steps or awnings.

For intricate and complicated applications, we suggest using the SideWinder or Flexi strip range. These revolutionary strip lights are extremally flexible. They can bend forward and backwards as well as left and right. This allows you to bend the lights around tight corners or complicated verticals.

12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans or Mobile Homes

Browse our selection of 12V LED strip lights or contact our technical sales team for help and advice.

Benefits of Using LED lighting

LED lighting technology is an energy efficient lighting solution. This is due to the fact that LED lights have a lower power consumption as well as wasting less energy. LED lights waste less energy because they do not create as much heat, and therefore most of the power is being transformed into light. This is a cost-effective way to lighting lightboxes or signs.

In fact, they use 90% less energy than traditional lighting which is perfect for Mobile Homes as it minimises the drain on your leisure battery.

LED lights will also offer a longer life span therefore, the LED lights will not need replacing regularly.

LED Strip Accessories

To control your LED lighting we recommend using a Radio Frequency lighting control system. This is the easiest control system to implement. We offer a wide variety of lighting controllers for controlling your lights that feature brightness control, instant colour selection and programmable scenes. You could even install a wall panel, which are either mains powered or battery operated.

All our LED strip lights require an LED driver to provide a power supply to the lights. Ensure that it has a suitable voltage and wattage for the strip light you are powering.

LED Technologies have a large stock of Cables and Connectors that are compatible with our strip lights. You may need longer lengths of wiring which you will require cables, connectors or maybe even a soldering kit. Installation of LED lights is effortless with waterproof connectors, clips and terminal blocks.

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