12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans or Mobile Homes

12v LED strip lights are the perfect product for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, boats or anything that uses 12v Batteries. It is a very versatile style of lighting as it can be cut to various lengths and is positioned in place with self-adhesive backing making it easy to install in most situations. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations as waterproof and non-waterproof are available.

LED's are highly energy efficient using up to 90% less than energy than traditional lighting sources minimising the drain on your leisure battery freeing it up for other devices such as entertainment systems and mobile charging stations.

Strip lighting can be used as the main lighting source or as background or mood lighting. Due to the range of products and flexibility LED strip lights can be utilised in most areas:
• Inside Extrusion as the main light source
• Behind furniture, screens, picture frames and mirrors
• Under cabinets, against plinths and inside drawers
• Awnings and exterior steps

12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans or Mobile Homes

For more complex and intricate shapes and applications, there are
other products such as SideWinder and Flexi Strip that can not only bend forward or backwards on itself but also be bent left and right around tight angles.

Available in Cool White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, pink and RGB colour changing you will find a product to suit any project you have in mind to make your Campervan or Mobilehome as unique as you want.

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12V LED Strip Lights for Campervans

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