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  1. SR2839W
    Sunricher RF Four Channel (RGBW) Remote Control Handset
  2. SRPC10092496CVF
    Sunricher RF Four Channel 24v 96W Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver
  3. SR2858Z45C
    Sunricher RF Five Channel (RGB & CCT) Programmable Handset Controller
  4. SRPCZG910524200CVF
    Sunricher ZIGBEE RGBW Four Channel Professional 24v 200w ZIGBEE Driver
    Sunricher RF RGBW Double Touch Slider Wall Panel White (Mains voltage)
  6. SR2411RFRGB
    Sunricher RF to DALI DT8 Receiver for RGBW Group & Scene Control
  7. SR2309FARGBW
    Sunricher DALI DT8 RGBW Four Channel Dimmer
  8. SR1029W
    Sunricher RF RGBW Easy Receiver for SR2839W Handsets
  9. SR2309EARGBWA
    Sunricher DALI DT8 RGB White/Amber Five Channel Dimmer
  10. SR2820B
    Sunricher RF RGBW 4 x Scene Wall Panel Black (Low voltage)
  11. 100.821
    Hippo Strip to Strip IP20 5pins 12mm RGBW (Pack of 10)
  12. 100.817
    Hippo Strip to Wire IP20 5pins 12mm RGBW (Pack of 10)
  13. SR2819SP
    Sunricher RF RGBW 4 Zone Handset Controller
  14. 100.682
    12mm Solderless Connector RGBW
  15. 100.678
    12mm Solderless RGBW Connector
  16. SR2858Z8
    Sunricher RF RGBW Four Channel 8 Zone Programmable Handset Controller
  17. SR2820ACWHITE
    Sunricher RF RGBW LED 4 x Zone Wall Panel White (Mains voltage)
  18. 100.607
    LEDTech Eco LED Decoder 4x6 Amp (RGBW/A & Single Colour)
  19. 100.506
    LEDTech Wireless Receiver RGBW 4 Zone
  20. 100.505
    LEDTech Wireless Remote Controller / RGBW
  21. 100.473
    LEDTech RGB White/Amber Easy LED Controller
  22. 100.482
    LEDTech DMX Pro Decoder LED 4x6 Amp (RGBW/A & Single Colour)
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22 Items

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