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MiBoxer Smart LED Mini Downlighters

Remote Control | Dimmable | Single Colour | Temperature Adjustable | RGB | RGBW

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These stylish Aluminium Mini Downlighters from Mi-Boxer are a compact but surprisingly powerful 3w LED luminaire. They are available in various options including warm white (2000K), colour temperature adjustable (Warm to Cool White), RGB and RGBW colour changing. With an IP66 rating, they are perfect for installation in wet or damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens & wet rooms.

Although they are designed for installation into ceilings, they can be fixed into the side of steps to provide illumination on stair treads, installed into kitchen kick plates or under fitted wardrobes. Being IP66 rated they can also be installed outdoors and they fit neatly into the top or side of decking, and they are a perfect solution for illuminating decking steps. In fact, providing there is a void of around 40mm behind the lights, they can be installed just about anywhere.

A Fantastic Range of Smart LED Mini Downlighters

Available in Single Colour, Dual White, RGB, and RGBW

At the touch of a button, instantly brighten up your settings with our stunning mini Downlighters, available in a Single Colour (Warm White), Dual White (Cool white to Warm White adjustable), RGB (Your standard mix of RGB Colours) and RGBW by simply mixing in the white LEDs with the colour adjustment slider on your controller.

Connect up to 20 Mini Downlighters together

The lights can be installed in strings up to 20 units and they simply link together with the supplied “Plug & Play” link cable attached to the lights. Link extensions cables of 1m are available separately and link cables can be joined together to form longer lengths as required. Each set of 20 lights will also require a starter cable that connects the lights to your chosen controller. Simply make a hole 36mm in diameter, push the downlighter through the hole and clip into place with the attached spring loaded wings that hold the lights firmly in position. We recommend cutting the holes and installing the link cables first.

Mini Downlights Connection Diagram
Mi-Light MiBoxer LED Mini Downlighters
  1. SL113
    SL113 MiBoxer 3W Mini Downlighter 12V 3900-4100K
  2. AYMWR0001161
    AYMWR0001161 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 5 Core Extension Cable
  3. AYMWR0001160
    AYMWR0001160 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 5 Core Starter Cable
  4. AYMWR0001158
    AYMWR0001158 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 2 Core Extension Cable
  5. AYMWR0001157
    AYMWR0001157 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 2 Core Starter Cable
  6. AYMWR0001155
    AYMWR0001155 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 3 Core Extension Cable
  7. AYMWR0001154
    AYMWR0001154 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 3 Core Starter Cable
  8. AYMWR0001152
    AYMWR0001152 MiBoxer Mini Downlighter 4 Core Extension Cable

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