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LED modules are a high-quality lighting system that contains a wired chain of more than one LED light. These are used mainly in sign manufacturing to illuminate and backlight materials such as acrylic or stretch fabric. LED modules are perfect for producing stunning light for signs and lightboxes with their strong light output and wide beam angle...

These professional LED module lights are a perfect lighting solution for your LED Strip Lights for lighting up signs. Our LED Modules are IP67 rated, which means they are an ideal solution for indoors and outdoors. Take your LED lighting to the next level with our energy efficient LED sign lights.

LED Honeycomb Module is a slimline printed circuit board with high power, cool white diodes for backlighting. By connecting the LED panels together behind an opaque diffuser an even wash of light is created, giving a professional finish.

With a range of shapes and sizes available the construction of a LED light box is fast and easy. Panels can be easily fixed in place and fastened together to cover the full surface of a lightbox. As well as being easy to install honeycomb modules are also dimmable. This makes them even more bespoke light sources for each install.

Our LED honeycomb panels are a slimline backlighting solution suitable for lightboxes as thin as 25mm depending on the diffuser. The wide beam angle and high output of the panels provide an even wash of colour at short distances.

Honeycomb LED panel lights are ideal for linear shapes, however complex shapes and 3D lettering require a more malleable product. Our LED modules are a more flexible solution suited to more complex shapes where the same quality of lighting is required.

LED Technologies can help you with your LED products and installations. For more information please call our technical sales team, email or contact us via live chat.

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  1. 100.408
    LEDTech Honeycomb Module A
  2. 100.409
    LEDTech Honeycomb Module B
  3. 100.410
    LEDTech Honeycomb Module C
  4. 100.411
    LEDTech Honeycomb Module D
  5. 100.412
    LEDTech Honeycomb Module E
  6. 100.413
    LEDTech Honeycomb Module F
  7. 100.629
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.36W Pack of 50
  8. 100.630
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  9. 100.631
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.08W Pack of 20
  10. 100.632
    Cool White(5500-6500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  11. 100.863
    Daylight White (4000-4500K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  12. 100.618
    Warm White (2700-3300K) LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  13. 100.736
    Red LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  14. 100.737
    Green LED Module 1.44w Pack of 20
  15. 100.738
    Blue LED Module 1.44W Pack of 20
  16. 100.739
    Orange LED Module 0.72W Pack of 20
  17. 100.656
    LED RGB LED Module 1.44W 12V Pack of 20
  18. 100.715
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 1.4W 12 x 56deg Pack of 30
  19. 100.716
    Cool White (6000-6500K) LED Module 2.8W 20pcs
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