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9-in-1 Beetle Connector for IP20 Single Colour 10mm COB & HD SMD Strip Pack of 5

Product Code: 400.072
  • 10mm 9 in 1 Beetle clip connector
  • For 10mm single colour COB & High Density SMD Strips
  • Max load 3V-24V / 3.5A
  • Fast connection to LED Strip
  • Suitable for multiple connection types & Shapes
  • No soldering required
  • Just 11.6mm wide and 5.3mm deep
  • Suitable for fitting into small profiles
  • Secure mechanical & electrical connection
IP Rating 20
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Product Description

These unique "9-in-1" IP20-rated Clip to Clip Beetle Connectors are designed to fit 10mm COB and High Density SMD type LED Strips, the connectors are rated at 3V - 24V / 3.5A. The connector enables you to join your LED strip in various shapes including "L" Shape, "T" Shape and "X" Shapes. In addition, you can connect power to any part of the connectors so power can be applied as required. These superb connectors make a seamless connection with a close "end-to-end" type joint from one strip to another, this is ideal for linking LED strips closely together at a corner or a direct strip-to-strip connection. Beetle connectors are from our professional range of discrete connectors, and because the body of the connector does not cover the LEDs on the strip, the effect is of an almost invisible connection. There is no interference from the light output of your LED strip and being small in size, the connectors can be easily incorporated into a small profile enabling you to hide the connector easily inside the profile as required.

The connectors are clamped into place on the LED Strip by gripping the connector firmly over the connections and using pliers, the connections are squeezed onto the LED Power tracks, the connector pierces the LED strip making a secure connection that will not pull off the strip. 

Note: Once the connector has been clamped onto the strip, it cannot be removed so the connector would need to be cut off the LED strip if it is no longer required.

For more information on this or any of our connector ranges, please contact our technical sales team by phone, email or via live chat and WhatsApp on our website.

Quick Specs

IP Rating 20

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Pack of 5 x 10mm 9 in 1 Joint Beetle Clip Connectors
Product Code: 400.072
Product Packed Anti static Bag
Product Type Connectors
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
Current 3.5A
Dimmable: No
Connection Type Strip to Strip
Pin Connectors 2-Pin
Suitable Strip Width IP20 8mm

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