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2 Pin T & L Shape Clip Connector for IP20 Single Colour 8mm COB & High Density SMD Strip Pack of 5

Product Code: 400.004
  • 2 x pin 8mm "T"&"L" Shape strip to Strip clip connector
  • For COB & High Density SMD type LED Strips
  • Max load 24V / 3.5A
  • Fast connection to LED Strip
  • Enables shapes to be made out of LED strip
  • No soldering required
  • Just 10mm wide and 5mm deep
  • Suitable for fitting into small profiles
  • Firm mechanical & electrical connection
  • Pack of 5 Connectors
IP Rating 20
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Product Description

These unique Clip type LED Strip connectors allow you to join single-colour 8mm COB or High-Density SMD type LED Strips together forming "T" or "L" Shaped joints. The maximum load on the connector is 24V / 3.5A. These superb connectors are ideal for projects that require shapes to be made out of LED Strips without the need for bending the strip from side to side which can damage the LED strip, in addition, no soldering is required making these a fast, easy connection solution.

These compact connectors enable a close fitting type joint from one strip to another which is ideal for linking LED strips closely together. In addition, as the casing of the connector is clear, it allows light to pass through the body of the connector ensuring minimal interference with the light output of your LED strip. Being small in size, the connectors can also be incorporated into a small profile enabling you to hide the connector easily inside the profile if required.

The connectors are clamped into place on the LED Strip by gripping the connector firmly at the clip point and closing the connector around the LED Strip, take care to slide the LED strip into the connector body all the way so that the pins line up with the cut points on the LED Strip. Squeeze the connector closed firmly until it clicks into place.

Note: The connector will pierce the LED strip ensuring a secure grip onto the tape so it will not slide off, the electrical connection is also very firm so there is minimal voltage loss over the joint. Once the connector has been clamped onto the strip, it is not recommended to remove it as damage to the LED Strip will occur. If it is necessary to remove the connector, carefully insert a small flat headed screwdriver under the side clips to release them, care must be taken to avoid injury as it is easy to slip with the screwdriver. Once the connector has been used it is not advisable to use it again.

For more information on this or any of our connector range, please contact our technical sales team by phone, email or via live chat and WhatsApp on our website.

Quick Specs

IP Rating 20

What's in the box?

1 x Pack of 5 x 8mm "T"&"L" Shape Link Clip Connectors
Product Code: 400.004
Product Packed Anti static Bag
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type Connectors
IP Rating IP20 Non-Waterproof
Current 3.5A
Dimmable: No
Connection Type 'T' & 'L' Shape
Pin Connectors 2-Pin
Suitable Strip Width IP20 8mm

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