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LEDTech Slimline Mounting Clip for Long Arm Exhibition Lights

Product Code: 100.507
  • For use with Long Arm Exhibition lights
  • Make the most of your installation
  • Flush fitting
  • Easy to install
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Product Description

This slimline mounting clip is designed to be used in conjunction with Long Arm LED exhibition lights from LED Technologies.


Features of Light Slot Fitting

This slot fitting is designed to enable the exhibition lights to be clipped onto the top of slotted exhibition stand system.

The clip fits directly into the mounting slot and then effortlessly clips into the slot on the support profiles. This enables the long arm light to sit flush to the stand.



Features of Exhibition Lights

These long arm LED lights are 440mm Long with a head size that is 140mm wide, 76mm in length and 35mm deep.

These LEDs can create beautiful LED displays with its stunning Cool White with a colour temperature of 6000-6500k. It has a 110 degree beam angle creating a wide wash of light.

The clip on exhibition lights have an Ingress protection rating of IP20. The 2 stands for protection against solid objects over 12mm so for example touching. The 0 stands for no protection from liquids at all.

The non-waterproof lights are ideal for interior decoration and display lighting.

Read more about Colour Temperature and IP ratings using our case study.

All our LED long arm lighting comes with a pop up stand fixing clip but other options are available. This includes top mounting bracket that is ideal for fixing to the top of exhibition flats, a slot sitting ideal for slotting into the exhibition frame as well as two sizes of "G" clamps.

Long arm LED lights are perfect for professional event lighting due to the moveable head fixture. It can be rotated left and right and titled up to 60 degrees so that you can position and focus the lighting to the required area.

The light has an in built LED driver which reduces the space needed to power the lights. A 3m mains cable is provided with each LED light fixture to easily power the lights.

Multiple exhibit stand lights can be connected to the same power supply. This is because the lights only draw 0.09A. This also reduces the amount of plug sockets needed to illuminate your exhibition and display.


LED lights are the perfect alternative to traditional halogen lighting fixtures. These event lights are equivalent to 200W halogen lights while only using 21w of power. LED lighting is extremally energy efficient due to the fact they use less power, while also wasting less energy as they produce less heat.

This is perfect for professional lighting for events as they are usually hot environments and lighting that produces more heat is not ideal. It also means that you do not have to wait as long for the LED lights to cool down before removal of the stand lights.

LED lights also have a longer life span compared to halogen alternatives. Therefore your long arm exhibition display lights will not need replacing regularly.


Using Exhibition Lights

These lights are ideal for corporate events for a range of exhibitions. The lights are discreet and professional and enable a bright beautiful light to shine upon your stand. The Cool white light will bring out the natural colours on the stand graphics.

Read our case study to see the lights used on the Vampire Vape exhibition.

They are perfect replacement for other lighting fixtures such as fairy lights or LED strip lights/LED Tape.


These lights are not confined to just exhibition lighting. These are perfect for any sort of indoor lighting where a wide angled light is required. For example, they could be used in museums to light up pieces of artwork or information boards.

They can illuminate information boards in various commercial spaces such as retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, arcades or hotels. They can further be used for stage lighting for live events to ensure a bright and clear lighting design.


These LED lights are also suitable for domestic use. They can be used to light up your living areas such as bedrooms, hallways or storage rooms. For example, they can be used as cabinet lighting to provide contemporary and sleek lighting to the items within.


Installing Exhibition Lights

Showcase LED lights are extremally easy to install, effortlessly connect the lights to a mains power supply using the 3m cable provided.

Slide the long arm onto the fixing you require and attach to the stand.

The lighting is just as easy to uninstall, simply power them off and they are ready to de-rig immediately.


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The long arm fixtures are available in  Silver, Black and White.

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LEDTech Slimline Mounting Clip for Long Arm Exhibition Lights

Product Code: 100.507
Product Packed Box
Manufacturer LED Technologies
Product Type Clips
Size 39x19x14mm
Dimmable: No
Cut Intervals: Not Applicable
Average LED life Hrs 50,000
Power Factor > 80
Continuous Operation Not Applicable

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