Capillary Action

When installing strip lights in wet environments, it is vital to use a IP66 or higher rated strip light. This must be used in conjunction with waterproof drivers, waterproof decoders or receivers and gel filled wire connectors.

When installing waterproof LED strip lights, it is vital that the entire electric installation is sealed and protected against water ingress.

LED Technologies offer everything you need to ensure that your waterproof outdoor strip lights are protected.

Water Ingress / Capillary Action

When waterproof flexible strips heat up through use, the air inside the enclosure expands. If there is any exposed connection in the installation, the air will escape. This will cause moisture to be drawn up through the cables back into the LED housing. This can cause permanent damage.

LED Strip Lights

It is important to select a LED tape that is IP66 rated or higher for outdoor and wet environments.

Our strip lights are made to be waterproof by dipping a uncoated strip into a durable and high quality silicone sealant. This covers the entirety of the circuit board, ensuring that your flexible strip lighting is protected from water ingress and dust. IP67 LED strips are coated in the silicone once while IP68 are coated twice.

IP67 LED strips are perfect for installations in damp environments, this includes outdoors, bathrooms and kitchens. The 6 indicates that the strip is completely protected from dust. The 7 indicates that it is protected against temporary submersion.

IP67 LED Strip
IP67 LED Strip
IP67 LED Strip
IP67 LED Strip

If you are looking to install your strip lights within water it is highly recommended to use a IP68 rated strip. The 8 indicates that it is protected against long periods of submersion. This is ideal for lighting water features such as water falls or fountains.

IP68 LED Strip
IP68 LED Strip
IP68 LED Strip

The silicone sealant that we use is high quality and will not discolour or crack. This ensures that you can use your LED lights for long term permanent lighting designs.

LED Driver

You will need a LED strip light driver to provide a power supply to the lighting strips.

LED Technologies offer a wide range of IP67 silicone potted drivers that ensure the system is watertight. They are available for 30-300W and both 12v and 24v strips.

Ensure that the driver is run at 75% to reduce over heating and failure of the strip lights. If you have a 100W driver, the strip light will need to be 75W or lower.

They are heavy duty waterproof LED drivers that can withstand heavy rain and severe weather conditions such as hail.

LED drivers ensure there is a constant voltage output while converting 240V mains power into suitable voltage for your LED strip.

IP67 LED Driver
IP67 LED Driver
IP67 LED Driver
IP67 LED Driver

Read our case study on how to choose a suitable LED driver

LED Receivers/Decoders

Our range of IP68 Sunricher lighting controllers are tailor made for outdoor installations. This includes our waterproof DMX Decoders and RF receivers. They have external tails and a potted silicone design to prevent water ingress.

The build quality and design ensures that these decoders and receivers can withstand being submerged in 2 metres of water.

You can effortlessly control your LED lighting with a range of LED controller options. This includes dimmer switches, wall panels and handsets to make controlling your strips easy.

IP68 LED Receivers and Decoders
IP68 LED Receivers and Decoders
IP68 LED Receivers and Decoders
IP68 LED Receivers and Decoders

Gel Connectors

It is vital to ensure that the wire tails are also watertight. We offer a range of waterproof LED connectors that ensure that they are water tight. The gel junction boxes come pre filled for your convenience and all you have to do is place the connection inside. This will create a gel seal around the wired guarantying no water ingress.

IP68 Gel Connector Box

The gel connector features non toxic gel that is guarantied to be durable and long lasting. It does not have a shelf life and can also be re used.

The terminal block easily fits our fast latch connectors including single, two, three and four pole connectors. They make connections of solid, stranded and fine stranded wires effortless.

Fast Latch Lever Connector

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