Capillary Action

When installing waterproof LED Strip Lights, the entire electrical installation needs to be sealed and protected from water ingress.

Water Ingress / Capillary Action
When a waterproof LED Strip Light heats up, the air inside the enclosure expands. If there are any exposed connections in the installation the air will escape, causing any moisture present to be drawn up through the cables back into the LED housing. This would result in permanent damage to the electronic circuitry, voiding your guarantee!

For outdoor installations we would recommend using products with an IP rating of 66 or higher to properly protect the Power supplies and controllers from the elements.

If you are using a Low Voltage LED strip you will need a 12/24V LED driver to power the LED strip.

Our Product range Include a wide range of IP67 Silicone potted drivers ranging for 30-300W in both 12 and 24V models.

These LED drivers are Suitable for outdoor installations where the product will be exposed to heavy rain and other weather conditions.

Our range of IP68 Sunricher controllers such as our DMX Decoders and RF receivers are tailor made for outdoor installations with external tails and a potted silicone design to prevent water ingress. 

Because of their design and Build quality these IP68 decoders can be submerged in up to 2 metres of water.

By using the external tails provided alongside Our water proof Raytech connectors to prevent long term water damage through capillary action you can create a completely water tight system suitable for long term installations.

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