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Discover the innovative design behind the captivating colour-changing theme that elevates the aesthetic appeal of this gym's interior. In this article, we delve into the details of how our premium 10 Metre RGB Natural White LED Strip, housed in our sleek 2 Metre Domed LED Profile, played a pivotal role in transforming multiple areas within the building.

Illuminating Hanging/Floating Ceiling Panels

One of the standout features of this gym's design is the strategic placement of our LED Strips around the hanging/floating ceiling panels. These carefully positioned LED Strips create a mesmerizing glow that gracefully envelops each room, offering a professional and visually striking ambiance.

The Benefits of Domed LED Profile

To achieve an even and diffused lighting effect, they incorporated our Domed LED Profile. This specially designed profile serves a dual purpose: diffusing the light evenly throughout the room and preventing glare. The result is a consistent band of light surrounding each floating ceiling panel, contributing to a seamless and polished aesthetic.


With the integration of our 10 Metre RGB Natural White LED Strip and the Domed LED Profile, this gym successfully achieved a captivating colour-changing theme that enhances the overall atmosphere. Experience the power of professional lighting design and elevate your space with our premium LED solutions.

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The Finished Design

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