New LED Strip Light Profiles

LED Profiles are a great way to protect your LED strip lighting in stylish and durable housing.

Here at LED Technologies our range of LED extrusions is forever growing.

Fit for a huge range of different applications we have the right LED extrusion for your project's needs.

Deep Narrow LED Strip Profile 1 MTR

1 meter - 101.178    2 meter - 101.179
The narrowest Profile LED Technologies have to offer. This profile is small and discreet, perfect for accent lighting. Having a width of only 10mm and a depth of 11mm it can be used in tight areas where there is little space.
An internal dimension of 8.6mm means it will only cater for narrow LED strips, our model flex range would be a perfect product selection for this profile.
A good example of where this could be used would be a staircase banister.

Domed Plaster In LED Strip Profile 1 MTR

1 meter - 101.176   2 meter - 101.177
This wide plaster in profile is perfect for recessing into ceilings and plastered walls. Easy to fit, screw the profile into the ceiling then plaster up to the aluminium.
You can fit up to 2 strips inside to make it the main source of light in a room.
Using this profile in a wall would also make a decorative wall feature.

Circular LED Strip Profile

1 meter - 101.174   2 meter - 101.175
This Circular 360 Degree LED profile is a unique profile for the LED Technologies Range. With a diameter of 19.5mm and an aluminium spine that goes through the middle of it, you can put LED strip on both sides which would replicate a Fluorescent tube.
A good application for this profile would be in a kitchen environment either fitted on the ceiling or under the kitchen cupboards.
Using an LED strip with a minimum of 180 LED’s per metre would give you a consistent line of light.

Recessed Angle LED Strip Profile

1 meter - 101.171   2 meter - 101.172
Having an internal angle inside this LED profile makes this good for being able to recess and highlight areas.
A good example of where you would use this profile would be in a corridor wall at either foot level or ceiling level so the LED profile can be recessed and then the strip can be directional towards the ceiling or floor to light up and highlight that area.

 Deep Recessed LED Strip Profile

1 meter - 101.169   2 meter - 101.170
This Deep lip recessed LED profile is a perfect solution for eliminating the spotting effect but also being 14.5mm deep makes it a discreet profile with a professional finish.
By choosing any of our LED strips with a minimum of 120 LED’s per metre this will give zero spotting, creating a smooth band of light.

Walk Over LED Strip Profile

1 meter - 101.167   2 meter - 101.168
This heavy-duty profile is designed for installations where it needs to be recessed into a floor and walked over. With a thick and extra supported diffuser firmly clips into the profile.
This profile can fit any of our strips up to 12mm wide and with a depth of 25.9mm it will diffuse the light on all our strips giving a seamless line of light.
A good application for this profile would be in the floor down either side of the corridor to highlight the direction of the corridor or as an accent lighting.

Wide Shallow LED Strip Profile

1 meter - 101.163   2 meter - 101.164
This Shallow Wide profile can be used on a wide range of various projects.
With an internal width of 39.65mm you can put multiple lengths of LED Strip inside this and can be recessed easily.

All of our profiles come supplied with all the accessories as required such as end caps and fixing clips.

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