A simple installation guide for RGBW Strip Lights

Colour temperature Adjustable Strip Lights can be easily installed in any room allowing you to pick between a variety of colour temperatures to suit any mood with an easy to use RF Handset.

Lighting Supplies used for this example:

(There are many other product options available, this is just one option based on using a 5-meter length of Single COB CCT LED Strip Light)

• 100W, 24V Driver (100.331)
• Two strand 10A Flat Cable 50m (100.946)
Sunricher RF Dual Colour (CCT) LED Remote & Receiver (SR2839CCT&1029)
• ProFlex RGB Cool White LED Strip (101.207)

Products for an CCT Strip Light Installation

Connecting the components

Once you have decided on the location of the installation and all the components have been secured in place with appropriate fixings, you can go ahead and connect the products.

• Connect the LED Strip Lights to the receiver ensuring the correct wire goes to the appropiate terminal on the receiver.
- The brown positive wire will connect to the top positive terminal block on the receiver.
- The Yellow wire is for the warm white chip and connects to the -WW terminal block on the receiver.
- The white wire is for the cool white chip and connects to the -CW terminal block on the receiver.
• Connected the Receiver to the Driver using 2 strand cable, red to brown and black to blue (use an appropriate connector block).
• Connected the Driver to the main AC power supply.
• Now pair the Handset with the Receiver.

CCT Strip Light Installation Products

Pair the Handset with the Receiver

• Install 3xAAA battery into the Handset (RF remote)
• Turn on the Handset
• Click “Learning Key” on the Receiver
• Touch the colour wheel on the Handset
- The LED Strip Lights will flicker once showing the pairing is successful
• Use the top power button to turn the lights on and off

You can now experiment with the CCT colour wheel to find the perfect colour temperature for your room or set up two favourites by holding down the S1 and S2 buttons to store a colour temperature of your choice.

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