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12 Way Terminal Block

Product Code: 100.683
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Product Description

This handy 12 way insulated terminal block is a quick and easy way of linking cables together.  The terminal block is rated at 450V / 10A and can be cut to size and fixed into place as required.  The terminals should be tightened using a flat headed terminal screwdriver and each terminal has an insulating pillar which helps to prevent the connections from shorting out and to prevent the terminals from being touched.

Please ensure that the power is removed from the circuit before inserting or securing cables and we recommend that prior to inserting any cables into the terminal block that the insulation on the cable is only pared back enough to expose the bare wire needed to make the connection.  If connecting multi-stranded cables we recommend tinning the ends with solder to avoid any stray strands shorting out with adjacent terminals, in addition take care to ensure that any exposed cables are insulated.

Product Code: 100.683
Product Packed Box
PCB Weight Not Applicable
Dimmable: No
LED Type Not Applicable
Average LED life Hrs 30,000
Colour Temperature Variation IP20 No
Power Factor > Not Applicable
Continuous Operation Not suitable for 24/7 continuous use

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