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Mi-Light DMX

DMX Preview

High-Functioning Controls

A whole host of professional features

Each DMX LED Lighting Fixture or each group of DMX Lighting Fixtures use 5 DMX512 communication channels, these 5 channels can adjust the brightness of red, green, blue, warm white, cool white, from 0% to 100%.

Technical Specifications

All the high-technical specifications you need

This Wireless Dual Channel RF Receiver from Mi-Light is compatible with 2.4GHz RF controllers and will enable you to control your low voltage (12v or 24v) colour temperature adjustable LED lighting products including all CCT MiLight LED lights.

How to use

Synchronise your lighting together with no interconnecting control cables

Our DMX transmitter can control 16 compatible MiLight LED Lighting fixtures or 16 groups at the same time. It can transmit the DMX512 data of 80 channels at the same time. With 2.4GHz global ISM frequency, the data is more reliable and has no delay during the transmitting.

MiLight MiBoxer DMX Range
Mi-Light MiBoxer DMX Range
    AMPDMXXL MiBoxer IP66 DMX Signal Amplifier
  2. AMGL12DN23
    AMGL12DN23 Mi-Light 3m Extension Cable 2-Pin IP66
  3. BYMWR0001005
    BYMWR0001005 Mi-Light 5m DMX Extension Cable 3-Pin IP66
  4. DMXLINE10000
    Mi-Light 5m DMX Connection Cable Male 3-Pin XLR to Female IP66
  5. X1
    X1 MiBoxer Single Colour LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  6. X4
    X4 MiBoxer RGBW DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  7. X3
    X3 MiBoxer RGB LED DMX512 Master Panel Controller
  8. X2
    X2 MiBoxer Colour Temperature DMX512 Master Panel Controller

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