Product Code: 100.253 - Warm White Glow

We were requested to recommend LED strip lights for a hotel refurbishment. A Warm White glow installed above each door of the hotel rooms was required.

We recommended using the Proflex 12v LED strip lights.

Proflex LED lighting was the perfect choice for this project. The Proflex range features high quality branded Epistar LED chips. This type of LED chips are perfect for high end professional installations. They offer a bright and consistent light quality.

A Warm White LED strip with an IP67 rating was selected. IP67 simply means that the strip is protected against dust and is also waterproof. It was vital to have a protected strip light due to the fact that the lighting was going to be installed above each door. Therefore, the strips were very exposed and likely to be knocked and touched by guests.

Our IP67 strips feature a durable silicone seal. This prevents damage coming to the components of the strip which will ensure that they have an extremally long life span. The silicone is of good quality ensuring that it will not discolour or crack over time, perfect for permanent lighting fixtures.

LED flexible strips are a very cost effective lighting solution which was an important factor to consider when installing lighting fixtures in a hotel. As the project required a lot of strips, its important that they do not consume a lot of power and do not need replacing regularly.

For this reason, LED lighting is the perfect replacement for traditional lighting such as halogen. LED lighting uses significantly less power and also have a longer life span reducing the hotels energy costs.

As the lights were being installed above doors, it was also important that the strip could be cut to size. Bespoke lengths can be easily made from our Proflex range with the marked cutting points that are 50mm apart.

Proflex stock three variations of Warm White. These all have varying colour temperatures of 2500-2900k, 2400-2700K and 2400-2700K. These are very beautiful colours that create an inviting and comforting glow.

ProFlex 12V LED Strip
ProFlex 12V LED Strip
ProFlex 12V LED Strip

Read more about Colour Temperature using our case study.

This is perfect for lighting in hotel corridors as it is a soft lighting effect. It will make guests feel relaxed and at home without straining their eyes with a bright clinical Cool White.

Our high quality LED strip tapes are also fully dimmable. This is perfect for hotel lighting so that ambient lighting can be achieved. For lighting during the day in corridors without windows, its important to have bright lighting to maintain high visibility.

However, during the night, a low light may be desirable. This will ensure visibility in the corridor without disturbing guest sleep as light may shine through the gaps of doors if they are too bright.

The hotel LED lights were also installed in an aluminium profile. We stock a wide range of LED profiles that offer many benefits. They were used in this refurbishment project as they provide a sleek and professional finish. They conceal the strip behind an opaque diffuser which creates a beautiful lighting effect. .

LED profiles also act as a heat sink that will dissipate heat created from the lights. This is great solution for reducing heat build up which can cause damage the strip and result in failure.

They significantly lengthen the life span of the energy efficient LED strips. This is because they reduce heat as well as providing another barrier against dust, touching and even cleaning. In a hotel it is vital to keep the environment clean and presentable. LED profiles are easy to clean and ensure that cleaning materials don't damage the components of the lights.

A corner profile was used for this hotel lighting. This was so that the light was shining inwards towards the corridor instead of directly onto the roof.

ProFlex 12V LED Strip Corner Profile

The LED flexible strip lights are extremely easy to install. Ensure the surface that you want to mount the lights upon is clean and dust free. Then simply peel the protective paper to reveal the adhesive backing and stick the LED strip to the desired area.

For detailed instructions, read our case study on How to install LED strips.

Ensure the strip is connected to a suitable LED driver to enable a power supply to the lights.

To control the LED lighting, you need a receiver for the chosen control system. We offer a wide range of control options which will provide the perfect control protocol for your project.

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