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LED light modules are the perfect product for creating light boxes.

For projects where you require a constant wash of light and a slim light box is required, our LED back lighting modules are excellent.

The modules are suitable for a range of sizes of lightboxes. They offer a 160 degree beam angle which is 40 degrees wider than the average LED strip light. They are also supplied on strings so that the modules can be moved closer or further apart depending on the requirements of the light box.

All of our module light box lights have an IP rating of IP67. This means that the modules are waterproof. The 6 means that they are completely protected against dust. The 7 stands for protection against water in temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m.

The LED modules are an injection mold which is what makes them waterproof. This ensures that these lights are suitable for wet and damp environments such as bathrooms or outside use as it is protected against the weather such as rain or snow.

The modules come in a range of colour temperatures. Chose a cool white temperature for a clear clinical lighting that will bring out the organic colours of the graphics. Or chose a warm white temperature to achieve a comfortable inviting soft lighting. A RGB coloured module is also available that will enable you to create a custom colour mix to create the perfect ambience for the images displayed in the light box.

Read more about IP ratings and Colour Temperatures using our Case Study

Lightboxes are a creative way for intriguing customers who may have just walked past. Light boxes can increase traffic and sales making this an important marketing tool to get right. Our LED modules are a perfect lighting solution that will ensure that you business is lit up professionally and beautifully so that you can increase the visual impact of your advertisements.

LEDs have a high energy efficiency perfect for commercial lighting. LED lighting is a perfect alternative for traditional halogen lighting. This is due to the fact that LED lights use less power as well as wasting less energy. LED modules don't create as much heat so that the majority of the input power is being transformed into light.

The panels will also offer a longer life span therefore, the LED lights will not need replacing regularly. This is a cost effective way of lighting any sized lightbox.

Shallow Lightboxes

Our LED modules are perfect for creating shallow light boxes. The string of 20 modules on our quad LED modules allows the modules to be placed together to reduce the appearance of spotting. These high quality modules are available in a range of white light colour temperatures, such as Cool White to Warm White that will enable you to achieve the right aesthetic and atmosphere.

They are only 10mm in height meaning that they are perfect for shallow boxes. Install behind an opaque diffuser to easily achieve the desired lighting effect.

Shallow light boxes are useful for small advertisements, information boards or menu boxes. The modules ability to be spaced closely together ensures that a slim box can be created to achieve a stylish and professional light.

Deep Lightboxes

The moveability of the lights allow a deep LED light box to be lit without any hotspots. Simply space the modules at the maximum of 180mm apart behind the diffuser.

Deep light boxes are useful for big advertisements or graphics as the modules can be spaced further apart and cover a bigger surface area. It will create an even and beautiful back light to illuminate the image and text in the best possible way.

Menu Lightboxes

The modules are waterproof and therefore ideal for lighting up outside menu boxes. Our single LED modules feature a unique beam angle of 12 by 56 degrees. This means that they emit a 12 degree beam out the top and bottom and a 56 degree angle out of the sides. They achieve a focused beam of light rather than a large wash of light.

This will highlight the products on the menu to increase visibility in a visually pleasing manner encouraging customers to order something.

LED Module
LED Module
LED Module
LED Module

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