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4-8 Zone Smart Remote Handsets

RGB+CCT | 30m Wireless Transmitting Range | 4 to 8 Zone Control

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Browse our wide range of Mi-Light MiBoxer RGB LED controllers. There are many LED handset controllers available from Mi-Light MiBoxer to remotely control your LED lighting system.

We also supply wireless LED controllers with multiple zone control options. You can synchronise all your LED lights together or control them in separate zones. Our single-zone handsets are designed to control just one area of lighting.

High Functioning Controls

Containing all the functions you need.

The various parameters that can be controlled from the handset include instant colour selection using the coloured disc, colour saturation and colour temperature adjustment from warm to cool white using the colour saturation slider and there is a dimming slider control to give smooth, accurate control over the brightness of the LED's. In addition, there are buttons to control each colour individually and various programs can be selected so that you can set your lighting to smoothly fade or pulse through the colours.

Mount Your Controller Where You Want

Easily mount your controller anywhere with the included accessories

Supplied with a wall mounting bracket, this RGBW+CCT remote control handset from Mi-Light enables full control over your compatible Mi-Light Luminaires. The handset requires 2 x AAA batteries, we suggest using high quality, new batteries to get the best out of your handset. All the controls use an IC high precision touch sensitive system for a more stable and sensitive operation.

Control up to 8 Zones

Control each zone independently

Our Four and Eight Zone RGBW+CCT remote control handsets from Mi-Light gives you full control of up to four or eight separate zones of compatible Mi-Light Luminaires. Each zone can be powered On / Off individually and there is also a master On / Off button to switch all the zones together.

Control The Brightness With Ease

Sensitive touch slider to dim your lights

The Mi-Light handsets enable instant brightness adjustments with the high-precision touchscreen dimming sliders to give smooth, accurate control over the brightness of the LED's.

Enjoy a Cool or Warm White

Easily switch between a cool or warm white with the CCT slider

The Mi-Light handsets also enable instant colour temperature adjustments with the high-precision touchscreen saturation and colour temperature adjustment sliders, giving you the ability to switch from warm to cool whites.

30m Control Range

Smart & Convenient wireless control range

The handset can be paired to a single luminaire or multiple luminaires as part of a group. When paired to multiple luminaires, providing they are all within 30m of each other and one unit is within 30m of the handset, all the lights in the group will synchronise together wirelessly so no need for interconnecting control cables.

Mi-Light MiBoxer Handsets

  1. FUT089S
    FUT089S Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (6 Zone)
  2. FUT100
    FUT100 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (100 Zone)
  3. FUT089Z
    FUT089Z MiBoxer ZigBee 3.0 RGB+CCT Remote
  4. FUT086
    FUT086 MiBoxer 8-Zone 433MHz Remote Controller
  5. FUT096
    FUT096 Mi-Light RGBW Remote (Full Touch)
  6. FUT095
    FUT095 Mi-Light RGBW Remote (Button)
  7. FUT092
    FUT092 Mi-Light RGB & CCT Remote (4 Zone)
  8. FUT089
    FUT089 Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote (8 Zone)

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