LED Technologies LED Module Lighting

Used on this stunning display feature by Lancôme was our Warm White LED Modules and Cool White LED Modules to create an eye-catching glow throughout the structure.

LED modules are a lighting system that contains a wired chain of more than one LED light, used predominantly in sign manufacturing to illuminate and backlight materials such as acrylic or stretch fabric. LED modules are perfect for producing stunning light for signs and lightboxes with their strong light output and wide beam angle.

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What LED lighting products were used?

  1. Our Warm White Quad modules are supplied on a 4.4m string of 20 units, each module is 1.44w. The 100.618 LED Modules are joined with a two core cable and produce an inviting warm glow.
  2. Featuring 20 x 2.8w cool white LED's with a 12 x 56deg beam angle, the very powerful 100.716 LED modules will create a long narrow (12deg wide) continuous band of cool white light, suitable for larger light boxes and structures.

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The finished project

LED Technologies LED Module Lighting
LED Technologies LED Module Lighting
LED Technologies LED Module Lighting

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