Lifestyle Red LED Strip Kit

The LED Technologies 3m long red LED Strip Kit is an ideal product for creating a bright halo of light in a room. Perfect for anywhere needing an additional atmospheric glow, for example; children's room, gaming desks, reception/office desks, shelving, covings, and many more. It can also be easily installed under cupboards in your kitchen to create a bright halo of light as its strong epoxy resin coating is splash-proof.

This installation used the LED Technologies Lifestyle Red LED Strip Kit (Product Code: 100.764) to create an atmospheric glow under a desk in a child's bedroom. The glow created by LED Technologies LED Strip Kit creates a comforting and attractive glow, providing the perfect atmosphere for gaming or studying.

Quick Specs

A quick overview of the specs for this LED Strip Kit.

Don't rush your installation:

Before installing the LED Strip Light, remember that you will need to plug the driver into a suitable 240v mains supply so choose a location carefully.


  • Use the adhesive backing - Make sure the surface is flat, dry, dust-free, and clean
  • Support the reel while sticking the LED Strip
  • A minimum bending diameter of 50mm must not be exceeded for corners
  • Only use the marked cutting points if you need to cut the LED Strip to size


  • Don't bend around corners
  • Don't apply force to the LED's
  • Don't stretch or strain the LED Strip
  • Don't reposition once stuck in place

Download our full LED Strip installation guide: Download Installation Guide

Connecting the LED Strip Lights:

The Lifestyle LED Strip Kit is easily connected once the strip has been fitted.

  1. Stick the LED Strip Light into position as required
  2. Simply connect the output jack from the LED driver into the jack socket on the LED Strip Light
  3. Once those are connected plug your power supply into a suitable 240v mains supply
  4. The LED Strip Light can then be switched on using the in-line on / off switch

Lifestyle Red LED Strip Kit Connection Process

Once all the components are correctly wired up, you can enjoy the glow created by your new Lifestyle LED Strip Kit.

Lifestyle Red LED Strip Kit Installation

Suitable for Profiles

Our LED Technologies 3m long red LED Strip Kit will fit perfectly in your chosen profile. See our range of LED Profiles.


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