We provided a beautiful LED strip to light a Laser Quest playing zone and café area.

We recommended using our ProFlex 12V green LED light strip.

This strip is perfect for this installation due to its Epistar 3528 LED chips and 4.8 watts per metre. This emits a beautiful subtle ambient glow creating perfect low level lighting for this application. In comparison, 24V LED tapes could have been used with 5050 Epistar LED chips and running at 14.4 WPM. However these would have been much too bright being 3 times brighter.

LED Strip Lights Laser Quest

This green LED strip lighting has a IP rating of IP67. This makes it perfect for an area where the lights are likely to be knocked or touched. It features a durable silicone casing that encases the entire circuit board. This serves to protect the chips from being damaged easily.

The 12v LED strip was also placed into a recessed LED profile. Aluminium LED profiles offer many benefits especially for improving the life span of the LED lighting. The aluminium profile acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat which reduces over heating and damage to the strips.

The recessed profile also provides another barrier to reduce damage, while providing a diffused lighting effect. This ensured that the lighting provided enough light to see but not too much which may spoil the atmopshere.

This single colour flexible LED strip was a perfect choice. With 520nm-525nm, this green was amazing for fitting the atmosphere of the space. It gave off a brilliant effect that resembled the lasers that was emitted from the guns. The 120 degree beam angle emitted a wide wash of colour while also providing low lighting.

Optima LED Strip Lights

The flexible strip is also fully dimmable so that the perfect brightness can be achieved to ensure safety. The lighting can be dimmed during play sessions to create an amazing aura and feel. It can then be adjusted to be extremally bright so that there is clear visibility which is important for if something goes wrong, for example if someone is injured.

LED strip lights are extremally useful for commercial markets. They are very economical with long life spans ensuring that they do not need replacing regularly. They use significantly less energy than traditional halogen alternatives without compromising on colour consistency.

Due to lower power consumption, the strips do not create as much heat. This is perfect for laser quest as many young people are likely to partake and may touch the lights. Therefore it is important to ensure that the lights will not burn them making this a safe alternative to traditional lighting.

LED Strip Lights Laser Quest

This ProFlex 12v LED tape lights range comes in many colour options including Red, Blue, Orange and Pink. They also come in varying colour temperatures between 2300-6500k.

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