Lazer Quest - green proflex 12v LED strip lights for their playing zone and cafe area.

Laser Quest LED Strips

The most suitable LED Flex to use was our range of Proflex 12v LED Strip, which also comes in a variety of other colours such as Red, Blue, Orange, Pink and also with a wide range of different colour temperatures of white ranging from 2300k-6500k.

Using a Branded Epistar 3528 LED Chip and being 4.8 watts per metre this range was the most suitable because it is designed to give off an ambient glow as apposed to the Proflex 24v Range which is a 5050 Epistar LED chip and 3 times brighter at 14.4 Watts per metre.

The Proflex 12v LED Strip was installed in and recessed aluminum profile at low and high levels so that it was bright enough to see where you were going but also not to bright to ruin the game.


With a colour of 520nm-525nm this Green was the best coloured LED ribbon to use as it gave off a very good effect and resembled the laser coming out of the Gun itself. If your looking to use LED Strip Light in an area where low level lighting is required then I would strongly recommend to use this Range of Strip.

Laser Quest Green LED Strip Lights

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