Halo Glow LED Wall Panel

A raised wall panel with hidden LED strip lights, perfect for creating atmospheric lighting for any room.
This project was built for a bedroom as an extra light source and feature wall.

With RGB Cool White Strip Light this lighting feature can be set to a variety of colours to suit any mood with an easy to use RF Handset

Lighting Supplies:
• ProFlex RGB Cool White LED Strip (100.690)
• 150W, 24V Driver (100.529)
• RF 4 Channel Receiver (SR1009FA)
• RF RGBW 4 Zone Handset (SR2819SP)


Panel Supplies
• 12mm Smooth MDF board for the outer panel
• 25mmx20mmx2400 Timber battens for the hidden frame

• Cut MDF board to the required size (This project was 1,971mm x 431mm).

• Paint the board to the desired colour (In this case matt white to match the wall).

• Cut battens to create a subframe smaller than the outer panel.

• Round off the corners of the 2 upright battens to allow the LED strip light to bend around the corners of the frame.

• Assemble the frame and screw together.

• Fix the frame in place on the wall ensuring everything is level.

• Install LED Strip lights to the edge of the Frame (take care to follow the products installation instructions)

• Use a qualified electrician to connect up the Strip Lights to the Driver and Receiver.

• Pair the Handset with the receiver and test the lights.

• Finally, Mark out and drill fixing holes on the painted MDF board and fix in place to conceal the frame and Strip lights. Then stand back and admire the simplicity of this lighting feature (this instalation was fited out with 5 cork board frames to be used a a notice board).

Wall Panel with hiden LED Strip Lights


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